Thursday, October 13, 2011

Im a GOOGLE Addict !

In this world there are so many addictions. Some people find themselves addicted to chocolates or ice creams, Others are addicted to those things that make them high, give them the feeling of overcoming their inhibitions and they become addcited to drugs.

Some guys are addicted to technology, the newer the better. Girls are addicted to Shopping.

My sister is addicted to cosmetics. Once a cosmetic company of her choice launches their new eye make/lipstick/gloss/blusher/nail paints etc. my sister grabs it all. It appears that she sometimes earn only to spend it on Lakme, Oriflame, Avon, Elle, Maybelline and Revlon. ( I hope my sis never reads it.. ooops)

Coming on my self analysis. Im addicted to nothing but one thing in particular and that is The very useful search engine which I reckon is the best.☺

I think Google is something that I want everywhere to be with me. when Im working or not working, when Im in office or at home, when I am cooking a meal or painting. I need Google to be opened in my Phone or in my competent browser :) but ultimately I want myself to be surrounded with google search bar Always.

In my office, my colleagues even call me Google Naqvee instead of Gulshan Naqvee (Naqvee being my last name). My initials actually make it clear how much I love Google.
My tagline is like this :
If there's a question there's an answer and the same you can find in Google. Simple.

Reason for addiction :

Human mind is full of questions and mine is no exception but what I need is a constant boost of answers. Things that strike my imagination or questions that  pop in my mind needs an immediate answer which can not be done unless you are with someone who is equal to the search engine Google.


How Google saved me from ridicule:

I remember I was in my first office last year and my boss asked me some weird section of some legal enactment
She asked me to show how little I know.

Since I was sitting in her chamber, I got out and headed straight to the restroom. I opened my web browser on fone and googled that provision. pat came the answer with some distimctive case laws supporting the provision.

I went back to my mam's chamber, sat satisfied and asked "Sorry, which law were you talking about?" She said with a raised eye brow " I was talking ABOUT Special Economic Zones Act"

I said.."ohh the 2005 one? The one with blah blah provisions" She thought I was one confused lass.. But I just laughed..heheh... and the provision And case laws.. I discussed all that left her Tight Lipped. LOL


At times, when I am alone and sad instead of sharing my sorrows with others I google the words "how to overcome sorrow" and pat comes the website urls with topics like "20 ways to beat the sadness" or "Faith to overcome sorrow and suffering"

when I think about sprituality and then think why faith/religion matters in a person's life then I google my question and see how the world answers about it.
Since my relationship with my fiance has turned into a long distance relationship from past 3 years I face difficulty in managing it. So i google to boost my confidence that can Long distnace relationships survive without problems. and people from around the world exhibit themselves with their own stories and articles.

♥ for me, a new window to the whole world is opened when I google something, from space to sea bed, From mountains to moss Anything that crosses my mind I can see it though Google's assistance. It is not so that other search engines are not good with me.. But Google is just like me, fast.  

There are just so many things that I do, search for games, free music, recipe books, easy meals, cleaning articles, grooming and technology blah blah and my subjects and free copies of legal Acts.

Google is one stop for me. And im Addicted to it without any dangerous side effect. But when my eyes itch after spending too much time staring the computer screen or fone...



Saturday, October 8, 2011

Keeping up the spirit

hi all..

my heart melts and reaches out to such people who are battling with their life while gifting away their talent to the world.  I feel so small in front of them and so untalented. They have dealt so much with life and they are continuing with it every day.

Recently my sis got a packet of greeting cards and small best wishes cards on which some very b'ful paintings were made. I asked the reason for getting the whole lot and she said "look at the backside of the card" when I turned over I saw a small symbol of two people holding their art brushes in their mouth and between their toes :( 

They paintings and artists are promoted by an org called Indian Mouth and Foot Painting Artists, by engaging highly talented Indian mouth and foot painting artists.

All the artists either draw/paint by holding the art brushes in their mouths or between their toes since they have their limbs amputed due to certain reason or the spine has been completed got bad while other artists were born this way.

Look at them and see if you can purchase their art,greeting cards,bookmarks,calenders,shoopy bags,tees etc. EVEN if u dont purchse anything, still just appreciate it and we all can learn a lesson together as to how to battle with this thing called LIFE.

They paint amazing .. plz have a look. Click here : Indian Mouth and Foot Painting Artists ,

You can also Read the small bio's of every artsist, a story on how they lost all and also earned it back !


IS Quitting a job an easy thing?

Since this Monday I have been performing quite poor in terms of my job ! At times, I feel like I really should not do any WORK at all as working in office is against the NATURAL LAW. But then living and enjoying life in better quality is not so freaking against the NATURAL LAW. 

Why I feel I should quit working is bcoz I sometimes hit the downs from ' the ups and downs of life' and I become sad and think that someone better than me should sit on my chair. 

But then I re-think what are my chances out there if i quit my present job of a legal editor.

then these jobs come to my mind lets analyse if i can do them.

1)  I can be a Painter : You have seen my art work already but for those who haven't its "here" So, do u think I can exhibit them and earn some bucks if not fame. :) but painting needs INSPIRATION and trust me I get hardly inspired more than twice in a month. 

2) I can be a Macaroni specialist:  These days everyone has to master something in the cooking field also. I think if I take a kiosk on lease in a mall and cook my type of macaroni I can earn bucks if not appreciation since I will serve it for dirt cheap price. :D but i think i wont be able to stand the disgusting look of not liking my food on theor faces.

3) I can be a clerk: Working in the office also helps you learn clerk skills. I can be that and its pretty easy also but it pays you almost nothing as compared to the present remuneration.

4) I can be writer : I love writing. I will write stories for kids and teens.I am good with vampire knowledge also hence, I can re-model the period vampires with a twist. ;) but i know..

5) A FulltimeTutor: Actually I teach as well (at home) so a full time tutor is a good job but it will end up with a headache since kids ask a lot then my answering power

6) ... a paid blogger?


the ultimate question is why should I quit?I compeletly love my job reading and writing about law is my passion. Can one bad phase really defeat my passion?

Moreover, why think about quitting as I wont end up with a better opportunity of self learning.

 All the aforesaid professions need time, energy and inspiration. I can be a macaroni specialist for my guests, painter for my wall, story writer for my future kids, a tutor for my own thirst of re-learning the education, a clerk for my sister's office and a blogger for you..

But for my personal satiety I am sure my present job is customized for me. 
Therefore, I must swim a little more deep to understand why Im hitting the lows and how to rise back to the surface again.

Yes.. Quitting a job is easy but it is difficult to understand what made you quit?

I have understood it now.. so no more thoughts 'bout quitting.

I took this pic when my Dahlia was blooming.
I have a a green thumb so fit
for the post of gardener :))


                                             "Comments off"

Thursday, September 29, 2011


I read this short story on a site;

What is a FAMILY? A kid from a broken family replied : Father and Mother I love you.

I actually took a couple of minutes to realise what does Family actually mean to me.

And then I found the answer. Its my Father and two mothers my real sister and my half brother who actually spent a lot of time pampering me with the world's not so very best things but they gave me the years of full enjoyment.

My father has spent his more than half life living with my mom, and bringing up my sister along with ME.
My step mom and her two kids [my half bro and his sis (now no more, may her soul RIP)] lived with her in another state where she worked  as lecturer in a State College.

In India a man having two wives is still considered a taboo however, we never felt the same. Maybe God wanted us to be this way and we accepted. Laughter was all I can still remember echoing in my ears.

When my step mom used to visit us along with her kids in summer vacations then that was really called vacation.
We used to talk about the childhood of our three parents, how they spent it, their friends and how much allowance they used to get when they were kids. I know they lied all the time when they said they never got one.  :{

We used to hear about Their ghost encounters. Witches.. and we used to shiver after hearing all that.. We also loved the repeated tales of Our late Grandpa who was a Police Chief under the Brtish Raj (Rule) and many more bravery items.
They used to share their parts of history and many more fun stuff which was heard by all of us with so much enthusiasm countlessly and timlessly.

Family also means to me the bigger dominant family to which my dad belongs to: 7 brothers and 3 sisters.

Our summer vacations' fun used to double up when our uncles and aunts with their kids used to visit us in some surprising week of that decade of 1990's. Ohh.. that was then we kids went berserk and gosh we all were plain skinny types. Now i know why, we used to stay so excited that we even didnt care to sleep at night and kept talking and talking the whole night. No eating properly just having fun, singing songs of then movies and talking about movie stars. Every kid had its own fav. movie star then.

Family means socialization of a child, I learnt self respect and self dignity rather then having ego. I learnt laughing and sharing rather then sulking and being jealous.

 My family gave me a positive outlook towards life which usually a child from broken family cannot get.

My family binds me and I am also like a running thread binding every member of the family in a certain way.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Invitation to Social sites.THANKS BUT NO THANKS

Recently I read an article in one of those Sunday newspaper Mags which talked about "Spending too much time on Social Networking Sites works like an addiction and can cause huge increase in stress levels"

Let me clear the air here:

One may think that I may be a backward in techie zone but this isn't true although I have never been a huge fan of any of So-called- Social Networking sites ! I have never been connected to anyone through FaceBook/Twitter/Orkut ect.

Few Years back, when Orkut was on height My sister also was on Orkut but I never had an independent page for my own friends since I believed that people whom I met in class rooms really didnt need to hover as clouds on ME all the time even when I am outside the class.. Being with friends during the half of the day and then spending the other half on any networking website and THAT AGAIN WITH THEM was kind of wastage of time for me.

Seriously.. Then I found a good reason to stay away ! I saw some of my good cousins getting jealous with my sis's b'ful snaps spread all over her Orkut profile. And since they shared mean comments every time my sis dropped a new snap over her profile...  NO doubt you've option to block people away... but why we should block our own family members? We thought it proper to shut down My sis's Orkut Profile as my sis always felt bad after reading them! THE END.

A Year back... I thought about peeping in other's life on Facebook of course knowing those whom I KNOW.. But suddenly my classmates / Friends of Friends and all those Facebook strangers out there  whom I have never spoken in the class or even in my life, came over sending me umpteenth friend requests all the time. I felt almost outrageous every time I used to ignore those Friend requests. However, the best part was somewhere here... Facebook doesn't properly protect your identity and snaps and  (thats a debate ongoing over that) and moreover those games and thousand application requests never let you keep your nerves calm. So a good bye bye from there I said..

The worst about these social network'g sites... you have an option to comment and then re-comment and re - re- comment and then You start into some one's leg pulling or end up in a heated argument.

One thing I think these sites are giving way to.. A generation is born where every one is SELF OBSESSED !
On orkut and Facebook you have an option giving you a chance as TO SAY what's up with you!  STATUS UPDATE !!!

close friends will comment: WOW.. KEEP IT UP'/WHATS COOKING/ I WANT TO EAT AS WELL

gimme a break!

what was so nice to talk about in there to comment on or even like it? A generation talking complete non-sense ! can you believe this?

Twitter is about CELEBRITY NON-SENSE : 140 words of pure crap

Movie stars updating their Status:

Drinking Coffee :)

and on this crap update they get 24 RE-TWEETS "WOW/ENJOY/LUV U"

More here :

“On the way to shoot'g a new movie in my new Merc”

100 fans re-tweeting as "I love you XYZ, Im your biggest FAN"

So... whatever this generation in doing after every 15 minutes they update their status.

Hence my status update on BLOGGER :  

BLOgging is BEtter.

ALAS ! No one “likes” it    :(

Here are my personal views on these sites... pictures are drawn/written/made by me! 



Sunday, August 7, 2011


I think..

Friendship is a beautiful bridge of thoughts from one heart to another.

It is like a complete rainbow from one end to another and it becomes visible in all its colors only when the storm crosses my heart.. and when the sun shines I see you standing there... bright and like an arched door so that i can enter it...

For me..

 Friendship is like a bark of tree that joins the top most sunlit leaf with the deepest root in the earth.

Friendship for me is the most pious and purest feeling that I have ever felt.

I can't thank enough to those who have stood with me through the test of time rather than being fair weather friends

Thank You for being there with me. Looking forward to share the best with you always.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Recurring dreams

Have u ever dreamt of one thing again and again.. I m talking about the sort of dream when we see it and it recurs after a week or a month. The same thing u see it and then u think in the dream that you have seen it before but that too in the dream..

I remember seeing one dream recurring but it was bad since it used to be horrendous and a nightmare for me !

Some History before narration:

I remember somehow my days in Kindergarten. And that I used to go with my sister in some montessory school and I remember a party also which was I think annual day celebrations or something. The school was primary one with upto 5 grades only I was in the kindergarten at that time and my sis was in her 3rd grade. I remember the pain in my ears when all the kids in my class used to cry all day but there was one window where I used to sit and never cried since I could see my mom coming everyday from there to pick me up. .. I rememer that window clearly.
Once my sister finshed her 3rd class over there we moved to a new school, which was better and I got admission in my first grade. everything was fine.. I gradually moved to upper classes.

 In 8th grade my sister left but I continued studing in this new school There was a way a street kind of which used to join my old school and my new school .. I dont know why but we never used to take that route while going to the school. it happened one day that I was in grade 7 and coming alone from that street so I thought about seeing the school and my kindergarten. As soon as I entered the school premises it was all ruined ..the whole building of the school was kind of blasted.. nothing over there.. I asked a local about the school... and she told me that a kid once died there... therefore the school had to close and moreover it was going in loss. so they were reconstructing the place and making it a building or something !

hmm.. I thought about that poor child.. and I slept thinking about that montessory school~

My nightmare:

I saw myself entering into my montessory school - I saw that i was also the part of the annual day party and i saw my sister as she used to look when she was in 3rd - I saw myslef sitting near the window and waiting for my mom... from that window.. and as soon as I heard something I jumped off from my seat.. I saw a snake entering from that window.. a huge snake.. i turned around and the whole class was empty .. the front lawn where that party was going was vacant.. no one was there.. not even my sister.. but still I could hear something painful... cries of the small children in my class... pain and ... i was helpless since there was no door i could see.. and no way to escape..I saw the snake moving towards me

with a jolt I woke up.

I saw this dream again and again i think it repeated amost after every two three months.. till I was in my 12th grade!

I was so sick of it... I used to think that there is something wrong with me or maybe that school was jinxed..
Then from somehwere I found a book by a german author about dream analysis and then I got to know why we dream and wat are recurring dreams.

There was treatment about curing painful dreams.

I learned to treat myslef.. and In a lucid state as written by the author of the book i told my mind that I will visit that montessory school again...

but that night I just couldn't enter it.. I didn't dream that night.. even not the other night.. whole week i didnt dream.. but i said those words.. and slept... nothing dreamless nights passed by..

After 6-7 months... when i stopped saying anything.. I saw the same dream..

I clearly remeber what I did..

I saw myself entering into my montessory school - I saw that annual day party and i saw my sister  - I saw myslef sitting near the window and waiting for my mom... from that window.. and as soon as I heard something I jumped off from my seat.. I saw a snake entering from that window.. a huge snake.. i turned around and the whole class was empty .. the front lawn where that party was going was vacant.. no one was there..

I knew what will happen next..

but still I could hear something painful... cries of the small children in my class... pain and I saw the snake moving towards me... Suddenly I told my mind to dodge the snake I ran towards the blackboard and garbbed a duster.. I was not hyperventilating ... and I told myslef.. i was brave.. I threw the duster towards the snake.. I ran towards the window.. and jumped outside from the window.. I know.. i would be hurt.. but i just jumped..

I escaped... I saved my life.. wow..

when i woke up.. I was sore muscled..

But then this dream ended forever.

And now i know the cure for such dreams forever. showing bravery then and there as if it was real.

Monday, July 18, 2011

I grew old this JULY

Falling raindrops from the sky above me and feeling them on my face, smelling the dew on flowers.. walking on the rocky regions bare footed feeling their unique surface.. sipping coffee alone in the best coffee shops in New Delhi and taking a stroll under the navy blue sky.. feeling the breeze in my hair and seeing my paycheck.. sharing clothes with friends and enjoying the sun on swings... and also hearing my friends disturbing talks selflessly.(I know u r reading this) All of the above give me a unique sense of pleasure. 

From past many months I was savouring this pleasure.. therefore, I could not come here..and talk with you about it.  

I find pleasure in many things just like all of you but all of the above I have enjoyed watching myself grow. On 4th July I turned 24 years OLD. yes the number is still less but I see myself as turning into an "old soul" very soon.

THE  HYPER ME : I have seen that in my pre-teen years I used to have a lot of mood swings and I was always in a blue mood but then gradually I started becoming more stable with my thoughts.There was a period in my teen-life that I became hyper sensitive. Reason lied somewhere when People used to call me older than my sister who is actually older by 4 and a half years. My mom and my sis figured out the problem and that was our similar height, when I understood how people hyper- react to all these insignificant things then I lost my hyper-senstitvity towards this matter.

THE MELODRAMATIC ME : There was another phase in my life when I became melodramatic. It was in my late-teens and I fell in love. I was torn between family and my beloved. My family grew sick of my this love affair and wanted to shift away to a new place. I prayed a lot and reacted emotionally. Our neighbors (worst enemies of that era) kept an eye on me and him whenever we met. Our secret meetings were the sensations and no more discreet. LOL. things went up high.. His family and my family... were answerable for our deeds .. Oh GOSH.. we were in 21st century still governed by taboos. And I have thrown such performances of high emotional  turbulence that if  I had been in Hollywood I would have been awarded nothing less than an Oscar for those scenes. I'm fine but I got him as a fiance. Melodramas are a passe now.

THE STUDIOUS ME : To get admission in law I turned and kicked every stone in my way.. My family never wanted me to be a lawyer, this mystery is unsolved I have many lawyers in the family. but why my Dad never wanted this is still unknown.  After getting admission I vowed to myself .. I will do every thing to keep my name in the good students of the uni. I studied day n night and completed my 5 years and freed myself of that vow.

THE UNHEALTHY ME: I have always had a striking sinus but recently I had three majors.. Jaundice, typhoid and Hepatitis A altogether. I survived isn't that enough? now what makes me that is still a mystery eating healthy food as always but I consumed contaminated water.. I'M not worried. I'm an Indian born with  strong internal organs  but when I'm sick everybody around me becomes a doctor that's when I see myself a pathetic patient. 

THE LEARNER IN ME: I see myself as content now. Serving God each day  is the best part of my life . Loving every one around me, adjusting for them and seeing them adjusting with me makes me so comfy. I have no urge to reach higher except in spirituality since I have seen what I have gone through is EVERYONE"S TALE. every one fights in the similar way. every one goes through same melodramas and same phenomenons .. we all are like this.. but only we are less content then others. I think this is the pleasure I ENJOY WITH MYSELF as  how I over-reacted, non-reacted and hyper reacted to things which i thought were unique but everyone has gone through it. 

I love being a little wise with my age. ♥♥♥

Thursday, February 24, 2011

How I spent my 100 bucks

Well, im usually called a spendthrift.
I equally get negative remarks for being this as I swear I don't buy things they get stuck to my bill SOMEHOW!

Let me tell you how :

After being employed for a while now... I thought about using my money on buying some home decos, just some holiday lights sort of buying not-too-plush-over-the-capacity-kinda. So in need of beautifying my house, I took my mom, to one of those shops where we could find some housey stuff. 

We searched good stuff, but they were again over-my-capacity-of-buying-sort-of (I have no clue when people are empty pockets {like me} why do they go for shopping, huh???) .. so I just went looking to one area of that big long shop (its big in lengthwise not breadth wise) and found a nice corner where some chinese stuffs were stuffed. There were good chinese glass paintings, chinese mats, wall hangings so many Made-in-China types. They were unique and a message was also attached to that counter, "Once broken considered sold" kind warning messages as things were quite delicate over there... heehehehe

One thing was also there,that caught me eye,a chinese fan, big chinese fan... well, I kind of loved them when I was a kid, and now thought, I shouldn't have loved it, they could be risky...

As to my plans, a Chinese fan can be spread and be hanged on a wall.. as it appealed to me.. but all of them were closed.. I saw their price tag, and it was for hundred bucks !!! This piece was of an unusual rate. Why so high??? Indians hardly use them for fanning themselves.. gross idea to buy this, I left that counter...

I returned to that counter again, as my mom was busy looking at other things, I thought about "re-thinking" to hang a beautiful Chinese fan on one of the walls of my house.. and in light of this, I opened one fan, spread it out.. and saw the design printed on it with simple red ink.. some Chinese women were picking something from the ground, maybe they were picking grass.. but why?.. that is how it appeared to me.. and some Chinese  alphabets was written on it at one side.. hmmm... I thought.. doesn't look appealing at all.. I closed it and kept it back from where I picked it up..

A sales man appeared on scene, and asked if i needed help, i said, no .. I moved on.. looked at someother not so beautiful fans.. then, I opened another fan casually just to see in case it has some beautiful art on it.... did I want to buy them?? naah just looking.. hmm.. I spread another one.. and a hideous design was made on it.. eew.. some  fiery dragons were present and I closed it at once.. AT once.. it couldn't be closed... why? the bolts got stuck.. alrite.. the salesman.. looked at me.. spread his palm out so that he could help me.. naah.. im an idiot but strong girl.. I struggled to close it.. and yes I did close it ... When.. I saw a chip of wood stood out of place from the fan.. I thought did I BREAK it....

That Salesman looked at me.. and pointed out at the sign.. AHAAN... I can not put it back because, once broken It was CONSIDERED SOLD..

And this hideous,,, dragonned fan stuck to my bill and I paid 100 bucks for a broken and ugly Chinese fan?  I wish I could have broken that fan where some women (though showing their rears, were picking grass, looked better than this!!  Was I  angry, no, I was laughing... Look I am not a spendthrift ! Did I prove my point? I am an innocent buyer. 

NEXT day, 

I put some glue on all those woods that helps that fan to spread out.. Now that fan can not be closed at all... and can not be broken by me anymore !!

these days, it is resting on my wall, so that I can see it as the first thing in the morning and re-learn the lesson.. let the salesman show you what you want to see... in case .. you dont want to be called a looser... who looses her money on broken Chinese things!

I fixed the third wood stick from above

how does it look to you?


Sunday, February 6, 2011

LoVe SToRy

Have you ever given a thought on your own Love Story ever? How you found that Mr. Imperfect and how gained confidence after showing "him" that you were always right since the beginning !!!

In recent times I found two captivating romances.. I refer them to all those, who think they can manage reading tragic love stories. Because with tears in eyes only few people can read.

Thomas Hardy a King of Romance..  Far From the Madding Crowd.. is one novel I think I will never forget.. it connects to every girl in some way or the other. you may hate the heroine in the beginning but you love everyone's character at the end.. you will feel for them..  three heroes of different styles and outlooks... heroin's vanity dominates her character ...tragic turn..... happy ending...

While I was coming back from work I found a bookseller on the road, selling  new books for dirt cheap prices.

I bought this... "LOVE STORY" a 1970's rich versus poor tale... a love marriage.. a struggle afterwords.. incurable disease..untimely death...tragedy

This is all Eric Segal could write way back 30 years.. but this is what remains as the reality still now....

Romantic tragedies..who is fortunate.. who loved and lost or who loved and retained... OR who simply loves

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Lately, I asked my mum why we left going to the Cheshire homes which we used to visit when we were small and the blind schools to encourage the blind children while they struggled with their life? I asked more, as to why we don't anymore go to the old age homes and orphanages to serve?

My mum replied, " whatever we as parents wanted to inculcate in you and teach you, I think you have learnt it, it's time now, you have realized why we used to visit  those places !"

I was a little confused, I asked a simple question, why we don't go anymore there? and she answered me in circles. 

She then added, "We used to go to those places, because we wanted you to be a person who is tender and can thank God that you have got a chance to serve the humanity, isn't this philosophical?"

She continued,"We used to go together, but after a while, we thought that Now, it's time for you to think and decide, do you want to go or not? That you must continue to visit these places and feel heavenly satisfaction or you should go to places that are entertaining and not boring !" 

I laughed..

My question made her think .. I am grown up now and want to continue with visits to these homes and organizations where old, weak, retarded and helpless people stay.  

I laughed..


Because my question was why "we" have ceased to go there (together) as I miss my family when I am serving the humanity since long they have ceased to go with me.

I just asked why we don't go together? She took me as If I asked why we are not doing any work voluntarily?


I went to my university to get some documents, On the way of my faculty of Law, Jamia Millia Islamia I found so many old tree-pals asking me how was I doing.. I told them plain..  Ecstatic. They posed for me straightaway..when I flashed my 3.2 Mpx (only) Sony Ericsson W705 out of my pocket...  here are the beauties : 

The branch of Gold

So the Yellowness stole the show


Making its own way in the air of freedom

Head strong aiming High

Hopelessness is a sin

Prosperity amidst dust

A home to many Birds

In unity we stand .. In division we are stronger as well..

My old Uncle "Mr. Jungle" This path is new..I never saw it ! Way to the Faculty

The golden light scattered everywhere.. the reflection of sun !

I am becoming a  Tree-lover to the core.. the stillness fascinates me.. Like everyone says.. still is dead... but for me.. a hidden life is beneath that stillness.. ultra dynamic and evolutionary.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In mood to change

Every New Year.. I think I must change something or the other I have no idea exactly what I want to C-h-a-n-g-e this year but then there's something that needs to be closed and new things are eager to come out of the box !

A small ray of optimism has formed in my heart... Maybe this time I will succeed in my attempts is what all I think these days. .

Want to walk on new paths and find new ways. The hard work I am sure.. will one day pay.

Prayers for all of you

6 B's of Lyf :