Monday, July 18, 2011

I grew old this JULY

Falling raindrops from the sky above me and feeling them on my face, smelling the dew on flowers.. walking on the rocky regions bare footed feeling their unique surface.. sipping coffee alone in the best coffee shops in New Delhi and taking a stroll under the navy blue sky.. feeling the breeze in my hair and seeing my paycheck.. sharing clothes with friends and enjoying the sun on swings... and also hearing my friends disturbing talks selflessly.(I know u r reading this) All of the above give me a unique sense of pleasure. 

From past many months I was savouring this pleasure.. therefore, I could not come here..and talk with you about it.  

I find pleasure in many things just like all of you but all of the above I have enjoyed watching myself grow. On 4th July I turned 24 years OLD. yes the number is still less but I see myself as turning into an "old soul" very soon.

THE  HYPER ME : I have seen that in my pre-teen years I used to have a lot of mood swings and I was always in a blue mood but then gradually I started becoming more stable with my thoughts.There was a period in my teen-life that I became hyper sensitive. Reason lied somewhere when People used to call me older than my sister who is actually older by 4 and a half years. My mom and my sis figured out the problem and that was our similar height, when I understood how people hyper- react to all these insignificant things then I lost my hyper-senstitvity towards this matter.

THE MELODRAMATIC ME : There was another phase in my life when I became melodramatic. It was in my late-teens and I fell in love. I was torn between family and my beloved. My family grew sick of my this love affair and wanted to shift away to a new place. I prayed a lot and reacted emotionally. Our neighbors (worst enemies of that era) kept an eye on me and him whenever we met. Our secret meetings were the sensations and no more discreet. LOL. things went up high.. His family and my family... were answerable for our deeds .. Oh GOSH.. we were in 21st century still governed by taboos. And I have thrown such performances of high emotional  turbulence that if  I had been in Hollywood I would have been awarded nothing less than an Oscar for those scenes. I'm fine but I got him as a fiance. Melodramas are a passe now.

THE STUDIOUS ME : To get admission in law I turned and kicked every stone in my way.. My family never wanted me to be a lawyer, this mystery is unsolved I have many lawyers in the family. but why my Dad never wanted this is still unknown.  After getting admission I vowed to myself .. I will do every thing to keep my name in the good students of the uni. I studied day n night and completed my 5 years and freed myself of that vow.

THE UNHEALTHY ME: I have always had a striking sinus but recently I had three majors.. Jaundice, typhoid and Hepatitis A altogether. I survived isn't that enough? now what makes me that is still a mystery eating healthy food as always but I consumed contaminated water.. I'M not worried. I'm an Indian born with  strong internal organs  but when I'm sick everybody around me becomes a doctor that's when I see myself a pathetic patient. 

THE LEARNER IN ME: I see myself as content now. Serving God each day  is the best part of my life . Loving every one around me, adjusting for them and seeing them adjusting with me makes me so comfy. I have no urge to reach higher except in spirituality since I have seen what I have gone through is EVERYONE"S TALE. every one fights in the similar way. every one goes through same melodramas and same phenomenons .. we all are like this.. but only we are less content then others. I think this is the pleasure I ENJOY WITH MYSELF as  how I over-reacted, non-reacted and hyper reacted to things which i thought were unique but everyone has gone through it. 

I love being a little wise with my age. ♥♥♥


  1. Happy Belated Birthday!
    You are very young! But sure you are wiser than many of your age!
    It is nice to see you aknowledge your life phases!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Happy (belated) Birthday to you! I will always be thinking of you now on your birthday since that is my son's birthday AND my country's birthday!

    I believe you are an old soul and I mean that as a compliment. Wisdom comes from you. My daughter is very much like this wise at a young age.

    Glad to see you again!!

  3. Hi There,
    Thank you so much for visiting/following my blog and the such kind words. You are very sweet.
    Your blog is beautiful. And this post is so sincere.

  4. What a nice post! And as a previous blogger commented! Age does come with more wisdom and soo many experiences!! I am so glad that you are enjoying more now!! Keep us updating girl!

  5. You have done a vivisection on yourself. As age grows, you will find more different results, all depend on how you choose your journey.

  6. Apologies if you got many duplicates of my comment... I can't seem to keep myself signed in! Anyway, I wanted to say that your writing is really beautiful and also Happy Birthday!!

  7. Belated Happy birthday! We are born in the same month. My birthday is on July 2nd. Very good and inspiring post!

  8. Hi Naqvee, Happy Birthday! It sounds like a big transformation has taken place and you are enjoying life from a new perspective. Good for you!

  9. thank you so much for liking the post and wishing me BIRTHDAY.. IM SO GLAD :)))))))))
    yes im kind of analysing what i was and what i am choosing for becoming a better person day by day.

  10. Happy Belated Birthday to you!! I hope you had a fantastic day :) This was a terrific post. I enjoyed reading it very much. Thanks for sharing.


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