Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A prayer

There are times when we need a little prayer, because it's only a prayer that can help some one to recover from the hard times he is going though. I'm going through such circumstances and I am praying for all of you in this time of distress, so that God show his mercy upon all of you to relieve your pains & sufferings so that you never face such a hard time in life as I am facing now a days.

Only, Folded hands and few words attract God's  benign eyes towards our distress and nothing else.

May God bless you all, increase your happiness, knowledge and love as well as  protect your possessions and guide you to the true path of life !

Ameen !

Monday, December 20, 2010

Dish Holiday sheashon

Dear Friends,
We all have every single thing to ask for this holiday season, what we need is a prosperous and a happy life, which has been bestowed upon us as well by our dear God, and we can't neglect this fact that we are better than many. There's nothing more missing except the company of one or two loved ones now and sooner God may have mercy on us and bring them back to us. So our  Christmas will be complete and we will be enjoying by sharing the grand feasts and opening one present at a time out of thousands and laughing with each other. What a joy will it be ! I'm so excited.

But there's something that interferes with my happiness here because I know that's not the real gift that I will receive on Christmas. The eternal joy is not in receiving but in giving gifts. We all do have a .01% responsibility towards our community and we all must reach out to the poorer houses this Christmas. They might not have enough dough to make a cake but might be having many mouths to feed. The chilling winter might be playing cruel games on small kids and old aged people, they might not have enough fire to keep themselves warm. Can I remain happy after knowing that a family needs essential things and having a hard time surviving? 

I will celebrate my Christmas by gifting some warmer quilts and dishes this holiday season, I will do whatever I think I can do from my side. So that when I open my gift I know that I deserve happiness !

Are you convinced by my idea of happiness dish holiday sheashon, and are you doing that extra bit of making someone happy?


Saturday, December 4, 2010

The good Walt Disney

Lately I was wondering about the good ol' Walt Disney cartoons and the great cute and much better Walt Disney movies.. though they were cartoon movies mostly but weren't they the best, I have no idea is Disney showcasing  the same quality of cartoons like Aladdin, ducktales, darkwing duck etc.. on TV? I have grew up on a dose of Walt Disney cartoons on daily kid shows so now all grown up now I miss them so much.

AT present, the quality of Hannah Montana is so cheap just because the actual Miley Cyrus doesn't in reality live up to the 'goodness' of the character which we all even when i was child used to except from the story characters that they are as good in reality as they are on screen despite the fact that they are different in reality and virtually distant.'That's so Raven' is still watchable, I like it !

I have  loved Tarzan and jungle book stuff  movie, here's one song that used to play on MTV umpteenth times, ever heard of it?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zc3MnoSS5Hw

I love the little mermaid and toy story, air buds, lion king, mighty hoe black, George of the jungle and many more.. the list is exhaustive.. I'm a Disney maniac, and My Sunday will be spent on watching the few movies I will love to watch !!!

How about you? WATS your Sunday plan?

Saturday, November 20, 2010


I  just couldn't find T-I-M-E to do this activity which is my beloved but could.t find enough time to remain active in it. Wrote tens of posts but saved them in drafts, those posts  laid there for weeks and eventually I had to delete them as they held no significance after another week. 

Nostalgia at last couldn't keep me away from here for long and I was making a vague promise to myself in the day, as whatever happens I wont take a holiday (from here) for so long! Its N-I-G-H-T in here now.I reckon I will be able to keep it up.. (whistling)

The days and      nights (also) have been going on tough,  I think they are flying away somewhere ! I wake up at 7am and throw myself  on bed at 12am at max. I reach my firm at 9:45 am and come back at  7 pm or sometimes later than that. I work on Saturdays as well and I S-L-EEE-P on Sundays. I meet my friends  but only on Sundays unlike daily ! Am I moaning ? Naah.. Just an averment.

But yes.. somewhere a hidden whining can be sensed.. I daily cross my b'ful and  spectacular university campus on my way to my new life I'm adjusting to the view of my "second-home" from outside and resisting my temptation to enter it. I can't even find a second to just touch that bark of tree which embraces the gate, I want to enter  it and RE-LIVE that playfulness and freedom that place is synonymous to. The air is so sweet and fresh there.. it rejuvenates the soul in its entirety.  The years I spent there are inexplicable .. the moments with my friends are now in sepia form of memory .. the photos ever  taken there in my campus amounts to a huge number.. preserved carefully in my phone.

whenever I'm thinking deeply over a matter and find myself stuck in whirlpool of thoughts, not finding a way to get out from there.. I always take a break .. slide open my phone and shuffle the best days I have spent in my university campus. I feel good but I feel blessed that I got an opportunity to move ahead. 

My new life is  fun.. very fun actually! A feeling to prove and improve myself wins over nostalgia.
 but I think this feeling will remain with me for a while or may be for a lifetime.. as I have recently taken a flight from my nest!

"Learning the law is definitely a difficult thing but the most existing day is Monday here"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lost and Found

Prayers Answered!

This post is in reference to crossed-fingers.html
Thank you my dear blogger friends for praying so much for me.. Really I can't express my happiness.. No words

We have found our Dog "Lucky" wandering on streets.. near our home... He is with us now, at our another house ! He's very weak and  of course he's with us after  4 months. Kindly pray for his health and his better fate always with US.

I joined the law firm from 15th September. There's a lot of work to be done and I am glad  that I am a part of all the work frenzy out there.  But no news is as GREAT as finding someone finding you.
I'm Lucky to have Lucky-my dog


Sunday, September 5, 2010


Hello ! I am in a Happy mood, I have got reasons as well... read to the last..

  1. Thank you dear fellow bloggers as you all have made my blog turn 1 year OLD.. yes.. it's b'coz of you that I Have developed myself , opened up.. I  love writing here and come back again and again, and write more and more... and I check in here more often.. just in case.. I have "comments to look forward" heehee. It's blog-n-versary
  2.  Fasting is what I am doing since 11th August, because it's the month of fast and feast  .. It's an Islamic festival called Ramadan.Some of my old fellas in here know about it, I posted about Ramadan way before deleting all my posts and I feel so helpless as new people have joined in and maybe they would want to know what's its about. Soon I will write how "I" celebrate this month. so I am happy that Eid , the festival which follows 30 days of fasting is approaching this weekend. My new clothes, traditional Indian colorful ones are ready and I have to fit myself in as I am still not and I won't be by any chance WEAK this weekend. I wish we could made these clothes in stretchable material than cotton..... hahaha
  3. Lastly.... Job is what I have Got.. this should be the first news Right? YOUR prayers have made the interviewer so kind.. can you believe this.. 13th September is my joining date. Stipend is fixed for trimester . I will be their Junior Associate. yippie.. no words to express my delight.. this is was the firm I was looking forward to.. your prayers have got this for me...

Ciao.. thank you thank you thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so much

P.S. Praying for all of you in return.. On behalf of you all... I will ask God to help , support and favor you in every case. May you win.   

Saturday, August 28, 2010

July and August


My life.....It was kind of roller coaster ride in these two months where I think I enjoyed the most and will never forget the kind of things I entertained  in these past months. I couldn't write here but that doesn't mean i wasn't aware about you (fellow bloggers) . I know what you did last 2 months.  heeheehee

Read my story


The month of June Started with Final Exams and  ended with a job for me at  a Trust cum non governmental organisation  called "People for Animals", the one I went for my final report on Cruelty against Animals in February this year. I got an interview mail and joined the org. on the next day 29th June. 2010.

I became well acquainted to their working atmosphere and the way they showed up their dedication towards animals. My first job gave me an experience in different arenas, like getting to know how to call press conference, and publishing articles on  "need for animals lawyers in India" to techniques of fund raising for the org.

July commenced with my always hyped Birthday that is JULY 4 and we all know why America loves this day !!! It's their independence day and my freedom also flows from this day. I celebrated it in a jovial way. Days passed and I flowed with the rhythm as well.

My final exam result was announced and this time by the grace of Almighty and your prayers and constant support the percentage is 87%
July ended with a celebration.


This road leads to my faculty in the university campus. This forest is home to  colorful  species of insects and crawlers, scorpions , migratory birds and peacocks  

This is a short cut way which students take in order to reach the faculty quickly.

Nostalgia took over me, when I went to my Faculty of Law to collect my certificates, I crosed my ways with growing forests and greenery glowing in every direction on the way to my faculty which is situated amidst the natural flora, I wish I could stay a little longer there but time runs as always. Nothing remains the same always.

I went to High Court to get my 6 page registration form as a an advocate and since then I am collecting the documents sometimes from the offices of my university and sometimes from other advocates. On coming Monday most probably, this collection process will come to an end and I will be able to submit my application to practice in a court in my city.

There are some interviews in a law firm lined up, which due to heavy rains, is getting delayed. Did u hear about flooding in New Delhi. That's the case.  I want to work in a law firm now as the organization I previously worked was only for internship purpose.

At the end of August, I look forward to an interview and submitting my registration form. Friends, Kindly Pray for me so that I can get through all the tough days I will face in the near future. Advocacy is a tough nut. I need strength to crack it.


Monday, June 21, 2010


I wonder at times..  i was born when my papa was 40 yrs old.
i'm the youngest [22 yrs] out of the four children he has. And the eldest is of 34 yrs something, i don't exactly remember his age.

The best days I remember with him are those when ...

* He bought me, my first princess Barbie, way back in 1993, It was an imported Doll in India and way too COSTLY.

*We both used to go to park to exercise daily, from jogging, playing Frisbee, lazying over the green grass to catching BUTTERFLIES.

*He used to bring and keep animals to increase our "general knowledge" we have  ......... kept...........a baby EAGLE, A wild Green bird, a sparrow, many chickens, pair of DUCKS, several dogs, Grey Pigeons, cats, Rabbits, and others which can never come in pet category like leeches!

he brought a caterpillar once and showed his life cycle to us! he kept in an airy jar, with leaves and flowers freshly plucked from the park everyday ... it grew into a pupa to a b'ful and Large butterfly!! It was amazing experience when we saw it flying.. and hovering on flowers for its first taste of nectar!

* We both used to go to Book fairs and buy  books and encyclopedia for me, a fun pass time we used to do together.like reading about animals and  developments in science. he introduced "computer" to me..

* He bought me my first thick "Enid Blyton book, the Enchanted Tree"  and I stepped in my world of imagination and stayed there.

* He used to drive me to my "high school" and when i feared for the examination, he used to take me to walks after I took my exam and we DISCUSSED my exam. Yes, he used to drop me to my school and picked me as well.

* He used to engross himself completely when i took my "Senior High School" examinations. and Taught me Political Science and Sociology. how can I forget English!!!  Growing up in a family of teachers added to my advantage!

* He was angry but then calmed over MY decision to be a lawyer.

*He has always paid my Tuition fees, books, leisure money, cinema tickets, shoes, allowances, party expenditures... every  thing I own is bought from his hard earned Money. 

*He recommended "withania's use for my thyroid" 

*now when he asks me to switch off the lights.. he wants to sleep in completely dark room.. i see him getting old...

*whenever  Faheim and I  sit together.. he looks pleased.. at least he knows,he has inculcated in me the best attitide a father could provide to his daughter...

I have never taken any of my relationship for granted .. if its with Faheim, 9 years old relationship or with my dad, 23 yrs old relationship. I'm serious about them.

[My papa, is a Prof. of English language, and a Doctor of Naturopathy [ Alternative Medicines] and spl. in Yoga. ]

Happy Papa's day to All.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

These are

My Days and Nights

I can not lie and say that I am not enjoying my solace these days.. in fact i am loner by heart so I enjoy being lonely and  there are certain things which at times take my mind out to the unnatural openings and shake me to the core when I realize they can never be The Truth.

These days I keep myself busy with one and only Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga and I'm about to finish my Book no.2 by tomorrow morning, which is New Moon. Half of the time when I'm not reading it, then I'm reading about the cast and crew and places where the movie has been shot. 

The twilight saga actually ate me to the core and I must not deny I have always loved imagination and my prior love award has been fetched by  J.K.Rowling for her opera hat writing and imagining outstanding characters out of nowhere. That's a real talent. 

Actually when I was taking my final exams I was told by a pal's sister that the New Moon movie was a "must watch" in HER list. So she kept telling me the story on the way to home (as a thing she love most... a full movie synopsis and later her personalized viewer comments ) I was actually taken by her way of discussing that Vampire movie and I was so much engrossed that I decided to buy see it. Consequently, rented a DVD and played it on the computer. By chance there was a mistake.. I got hold of the New Moon movie and she told me the story starting from TWILIGHT - to- NEW MOON. 

Obviously a person seeing the 6th Harry Potter movie for the first time won't get what the Potter boy was up to and what the hell VOLDMORT IS or was, whatever ?  It's a series and has to be studied  seen in a series. From Book 1 always... to grab the actual taste of the Novel...alright.

I somehow, recollected what all she uttered and muttered on the way and then enjoyed  reading watching the novel !  Anyways when the movie got over, I wanted to see the first part and second again  searched on internet for free TWILIGHT MOVIE OR e-book download. 

After a lot of research struggle, I got it { the book I mean} on one website which was being distributed for  educational purposes.. I THOUGHT which teacher doesn't want its student to know when the students  come across a GOLDEN eyed Guy or Girl they must not forget its HUMAN friendly Vampire and should not forget they are not dangerous! 

hmm.. next day I saw the first part and then the second as well.. and how I wished that all this was true. Silly.  

Of course, the vampire's making news everywhere, and the Brit lad really played his part well, not well but exceptionally well.. But i was little depressed with  the very normal Kristen Stewart. I hope she brushes up her "mumbling word problem" in the next movie.. and if not next then next to next ..  i wonder after twilight saga is brought up in the motion series will i ever care to watch the female actor so breezily as i now do! Hmm... if her mumbling problem is solved by then.. then why not?

Sope.. This is all I care about these days and nights.. from past two nights I am looking like a vampire... more... as my dad says "late hours" and switches off the lights pushing us to the another room.. and there too he keeps peeping whether  me and my insomniac sister have slept or not?

actually, its a NO.. because me engrossed in my vampy land and My sister R  in her  un romantic novels have built-in torch in our mobile fones.. and we switch them ON as soon as the lights goes OFF .. heehee.. and read two to three chapters each  night till i think i can't make it anymore .. each chapter consisting of not less than 10 pages. 

well when i wake up at 4 am in the morning for my morning prayers "Namaz" I see my sisters still reading her  un romantic novel.. no idea how she manages it.. and she thinks the SAME for me.. I reckon.. ☺

Anyways.. this is hard at times to think and know and say that Vampires don't exist .. yes yes yes they are a bad species.. but what if they existed and by chance i get to meet them?


Monday, June 7, 2010

The Battle is Over

But a  new battle  has already begun.... 

Does that intervene with my mood for now?

At least now i can sound relived because i have courageously taken all  the ups and down in this month of my Final X semester exams of Law school ...five years of rigorous studies are over. Finally.. the unsettled cloud of dust ballooning my happiness has settled finally!

Not only i am relieved from the pressure of completing my grad as a Law student.. but because i learned many things in this final battle of mind and soul... personal and professional life..my attachment and detachment from worldly affairs...How God saved me and brought me up again...

i have learned that one has to keep both the things (personal and professional) on opposite ends of the string only then you can face challenges in a better way otherwise you might get stuck up and entangled and end up being  rather confused or have a nervous break down.

Thankfully, i got enormous support from my family all through these five years of law studies and of course from.. my beloved fiance Faheim , whose name i can never fail to mention. i still remember how my dad never wanted me to take up law studies though my half brother is a successful lawyer, i remember they wanted me to get admission in psychology for which i was sure it would be the last thing on earth i could trade with if i had no choice ever ever ever left. An 18 year old's challenge that I can make my life as a lawyer was not very well welcomed by my family, honestly speaking they had doubts !

yes.. i am stubborn about choices and i want to follow them headstrong and God's constant love gives me better choices to choose from, so I never regret them. After all i can never doubt the plans, the troubles are created by us and not by God.. so i even can't Blame him... He gave me a chance to make out positive or negative.. its up to me now what i want to make out of it? 

My last exam was of french, which was a l'il tough this time.. maybe i couldn't study well, else we will see the scores in August. every body at college was asking me out "what are you gonna get after this?" "joining a firm?" "litigation sound good, you have good communication skills, why not try heading to the court?" "sitting for the bar exam?"

The last question was the worst ! sitting fir the Bar exam...  in India Bar exams... as such never ever happened and they should not happen as we are extensively populated country for one ... and secondly i don't want to study again all that law course... till for a period of one year! i need REST..  

The bar exam issue is still on hold, lets see what comes up with.. if it happens i will give the exam ( not so happily) and if it doesn't happen then  i will hurry up for registration ( very happily) .. 

Now the question is what am i going to do till i get my result declared?? 

on 2nd June I threw a party at my place and called my gang of girls 'Shruti, Rav and Sana came .. one could not come.Zarmeen. and we missed her a lot, we had  food and dance... wow.. it turned up awesome !

on weekend Zarmeen turned up at my place we had lunch and her favorite and now mine too Belgian dark Ice cream.. yummy 

late night I downloaded the e-books of Twilight and New moon.. i have seen the movies and they are simply beautiful, waiting eagerly for the third one on June 30 for its release - Eclipse. once i finish reading them up I will download the  rest two books of the series. 

I have started reading it since morning, and i'm too much involved with the vampire's love affair that it leaves a feeling of absolute delight in me. Vampires can be that much loving, I never knew ! im almost finished with the book... so will start its second part by tomorrow.

one thing which is very different about me, is that I am practical and imaginary person one and the same time, this thing has always given me a good time handling with my own moods as i can get the points right by hitting on them by way of imagination.For example the Vampire stuff sounds low for my age of 22 but... it makes me forget the Next battle which i have to boss and stands right in front of me..

Where I will fit in this world? whether I will make Positive or negative with the Opportunity i get ?

Anyways.. mom is away for a month, so i'm cooking and cleaning all through the day, and when i get time, i will get laundry done. heaps of clothes are piled up even on the side ironing stand placed next to the washing machine. all these clothes are MINE so i will have to wash them.

for now.. Ciao.. 

Feeling GOOD actually... problems in striking a balance occurs most of the time!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Crossed fingers

I know i'm being a little tired of being myself and i need someone to exchange my life with at least for a couple of days but then i think it's better to live with what I m destined for rather than looking at others and saying their life rock! i know no one's life can ever rock...

Back to my "Not so happy" updates.

I'm taking my exams one by one as the days come... my first was on 11th , then 14th and then 18th of May, now i have second last on 25th and last on 2nd June! the nice part is that we all friends study on fone for the exam othrwise we USED study together (in person) but now we dont beacause of untimely errors in my life.

I have given my dog "Lucky" in adoption to a person who's in Police, I HAD to GIVE away my dog because from past many months my Pesky neighbors were making it a big issue that it is causing nuisance in the neighborhood! It was the toughest decision that I had to take because Lucky was and is My dog.. so i had to suppress my love for it and think about the damn neighborhood. I gave away Lucky on 9th of May - two days before my final exams commenced.

The policeman is keeping our Lucky-dog for his own liking, but few days back i got to know that while Lucky was roaming in the yard it escaped from the gate to the main road and got lost! yes It was a terrrible news which I heard on the 13th of May ( a day before my second exam) and I lost all my concentration from studies as i was too sacred to think what would have happened to my lovely dog! 

God held it and guided it back to the place  where this policeman is taking care of him! Lucky returned after two days... and my father went to see it... he said, he's terribly weak and dirty. the worst thing is that it was not liking the police man and  didn't  want to be with him... with many prayers, I heard my dad talking to my mom that now Lucky is trying to adjust with him... 

the worst is what I got know today : Lucky got hold of the arm and bit that Policeman! 

you can laugh here.... as I too, when heard  could not stop laughing... Oh God what are you doing.?..

'Lucky has again escaped from the Policeman's clutches' ( I think) will he return or not? the policeman is a very humble man, i dont know what's wrong, who's wrong and where is the wrong?

Crossed fingers for a better time to come!

 I'm very optimistic and I know that God wants me to learn something....and I'm ready to learn a lesson.. the ONLY problem is that.......... I don't know what to learn? 

Urgent : Blessings required for Lucky and Me! keeping my fingers Crossed!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Too eager to know...

"What lies ahead?"

I have started enjoying the worst days of my life as I cant do anything more than that specially when I'm becoming the victim of circumstances again and again. When i'm being targeted to "take the test of Patience.."

A few days before things started changing in a better direction and i can say it was all fine and with a fresh start I thought that I will give my final Law exams and will bid adieu to my dear Faculty of law and my beautiful University. as this is the Final X semester of my 5 year law graduation and at last i can be a graduate!It was a time for which I eagerly waited to know that what will happen after this?

A normal 22 year old (gurl) will definitely relate such period with the feeling of butterflies in stomach... isn't it?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Heartfelt sorry

A heartfelt sorry

Dear fellow bloggers, im sorry.... i deleted my previous 50 posts on this  blog...i couldnt read your posts or write my own story...as i never felt to do anything... i was silent.... i was upset.. extremely upset..

i went through an upheaval of emotions lately through the months of February and March. God provided me strength in that time and yes, it were  your blessings, dear friends, that I could actually lift myself up from the ashes exactly like a phoenix.

Some extreme bad phases mostly change your personality.. some extremely horrendous realities shake you to the core. thankfully im alright now.. i have collected myself up.. i have gathered my soul and tied it with my heart again... i can say now that im returning to my normal self.. i have almost recovered from the pain of emotional turmoil.

it happened with me...
I kept walking on the sand and saw my footprints... together with God's footsteps each time when i turned my back..... i saw them right behind on the sand..i always felt very good.. . but when the worst and abhorrent happened. i kept walking.thinking that God was with me.. but no....  when i turned my back .. i saw only a pair of foot prints.... i kept walking and walking.. i knew i was alone now.. god wasn't with me.. but now I KNOW GOD HELD ME IN HIS HANDS WHILE HE WALKED.. IT WAS HIS FOOT PRINTS... he held me in his hands.. im BLESSED I know this now..

GOD has taken me out of that tornado.. im very glad..your blessings have prayed a very big role in my life.. keep praying .
you guys rock..

im sorry again for not being in touch..i wil be now..for sure
May God bless us All..

I will update you guys soon ..


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