Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lost and Found

Prayers Answered!

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Thank you my dear blogger friends for praying so much for me.. Really I can't express my happiness.. No words

We have found our Dog "Lucky" wandering on streets.. near our home... He is with us now, at our another house ! He's very weak and  of course he's with us after  4 months. Kindly pray for his health and his better fate always with US.

I joined the law firm from 15th September. There's a lot of work to be done and I am glad  that I am a part of all the work frenzy out there.  But no news is as GREAT as finding someone finding you.
I'm Lucky to have Lucky-my dog



  1. Naqvee!
    Those are pawesome news!
    Glad you found Lucky! 4 months is a long time but I am sure with love and attention he will be again the same lovely Lucky!
    Congratulations on your job too!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  2. Good luck at the law firm. I'm sure you'll do great :) Give Lucky a hug from me :)

  3. That is awesome that you are now in a firm! I hope it all goes well keep us updated ok? Love you!

  4. hey... Indeed its a good news i can imagine how much happy u were and u are now...

    Congratulations for Lucky's re entry and All the best for your new job....
    May God bless you...

  5. I finally made it back to my blog to read what's been going on... So happy to hear you found your dog AND have a great job!

    Good luck with everything, and my God continue to bless you.

  6. He really is lucky!! WOW!! I'm glad for you!! :D

  7. So happy you found your dog! He is Lucky and so are you. Very happy to hear about your new job too, great news. :D


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