Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fake vanity

Everytime I will turn my TV on, I will see a good amount of advertisments which will showcase adobed and airbrushed plastic beauties that will tell how they became fairer in 7 days after using "this" fairness cream and how they looked 10 years younger after using "this" skin regenerist cream. I have seen different western commercials on youtube that endorse "tanning creams" and how great one girl can look in a swim suit with that dusky body! oops.. is it funny?

Gimme a Break!

When someone is dark then what is so gross about it? Isn't this racism? If Dark skinned girls buy such creams to gain fairness then when someone is white skinned then why she should be asked to get a tan?
The market has been captured by Garnier, Olay, Loreal and Ponds who sell their different products in this range :Loreal white perfect, olay white, ponds white beauty, garnier light, and then the ANTI-AGEING creams like age miracle, fine wrinkle reduction, regenerist offerings i dont know what but why are we delaying the 7 signs of ageing! and then they ask you to buy the same because you are WORTH IT... so am I worth being a fool?

I have no clue, why all this and other delayed aging things are being sold ? why dissatisfaction towards one's appearness is being created. Why? In fact now men are also targeted, for them garnier has made "garnier men, power light" oh.. what happened to the old fairytale "tall dark and handsome man" why we need a fair and handsome guy?

I read this, you can read it too. It all leaves such a negative impact but how to boycot these Non-magical products? Airbrushed beauties taking hundreds of dollars for making you look dissatisfied with yourself and we too want a flawless skin and shining hair like hers. :)


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