Sunday, January 15, 2012

This new year I want ...

Dear all,
I wish you a great great New Year ( oh c'mon its just 15 days old sentence so please accept the same with a  SMILEY)

I can't believe that my holidays are over and the season of fun and enjoyment is over too! But I want to take this year with a bang and a bingo so that I don't miss my vacations sooo much which I spent with my fiance after approx 19 months  :)

In 2011, I kept working  (hardly) on my computer so that I could keep my poor self Employed. I earned last year (only) for my bread and butter and for some chips as well but this I want to earn enough to buy something better to eat,  THERE'S MORE TO LIFE THAN EATING BREAD AND BUTTER ALL THE TIME..

SO this year
I want a disease free, flu free, flab free, pimple free health 365 days
I want thick pay checks all 12 months and more savings each month

However here are some quintessential things that I want this year :

I want for myself a good techie phone before April 2012,  last year my best fone went dead and I am stuck with tacky fone from China ($38) with loud speakers. i want get rid of it now.

Next, I want for myself a good TV before August 2012, this year im sure my Tv will also go dead (yes.. its that bad)

And lastly I want for myself a good outstation vacation before December 2012. I will be fed up if I work so much. :)

Now if i have to get all these things I will have to develop 3 qualities
and Organisation I know.. oh these words are so ancient but only if i have all this only then i can work more without quitting anything.

Hope I keep working in and working out.

And I want to be friends with more God loving buddies.

Happy New Year frnds

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