Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A prayer

There are times when we need a little prayer, because it's only a prayer that can help some one to recover from the hard times he is going though. I'm going through such circumstances and I am praying for all of you in this time of distress, so that God show his mercy upon all of you to relieve your pains & sufferings so that you never face such a hard time in life as I am facing now a days.

Only, Folded hands and few words attract God's  benign eyes towards our distress and nothing else.

May God bless you all, increase your happiness, knowledge and love as well as  protect your possessions and guide you to the true path of life !

Ameen !

Monday, December 20, 2010

Dish Holiday sheashon

Dear Friends,
We all have every single thing to ask for this holiday season, what we need is a prosperous and a happy life, which has been bestowed upon us as well by our dear God, and we can't neglect this fact that we are better than many. There's nothing more missing except the company of one or two loved ones now and sooner God may have mercy on us and bring them back to us. So our  Christmas will be complete and we will be enjoying by sharing the grand feasts and opening one present at a time out of thousands and laughing with each other. What a joy will it be ! I'm so excited.

But there's something that interferes with my happiness here because I know that's not the real gift that I will receive on Christmas. The eternal joy is not in receiving but in giving gifts. We all do have a .01% responsibility towards our community and we all must reach out to the poorer houses this Christmas. They might not have enough dough to make a cake but might be having many mouths to feed. The chilling winter might be playing cruel games on small kids and old aged people, they might not have enough fire to keep themselves warm. Can I remain happy after knowing that a family needs essential things and having a hard time surviving? 

I will celebrate my Christmas by gifting some warmer quilts and dishes this holiday season, I will do whatever I think I can do from my side. So that when I open my gift I know that I deserve happiness !

Are you convinced by my idea of happiness dish holiday sheashon, and are you doing that extra bit of making someone happy?


Saturday, December 4, 2010

The good Walt Disney

Lately I was wondering about the good ol' Walt Disney cartoons and the great cute and much better Walt Disney movies.. though they were cartoon movies mostly but weren't they the best, I have no idea is Disney showcasing  the same quality of cartoons like Aladdin, ducktales, darkwing duck etc.. on TV? I have grew up on a dose of Walt Disney cartoons on daily kid shows so now all grown up now I miss them so much.

AT present, the quality of Hannah Montana is so cheap just because the actual Miley Cyrus doesn't in reality live up to the 'goodness' of the character which we all even when i was child used to except from the story characters that they are as good in reality as they are on screen despite the fact that they are different in reality and virtually distant.'That's so Raven' is still watchable, I like it !

I have  loved Tarzan and jungle book stuff  movie, here's one song that used to play on MTV umpteenth times, ever heard of it?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zc3MnoSS5Hw

I love the little mermaid and toy story, air buds, lion king, mighty hoe black, George of the jungle and many more.. the list is exhaustive.. I'm a Disney maniac, and My Sunday will be spent on watching the few movies I will love to watch !!!

How about you? WATS your Sunday plan?

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