Saturday, December 4, 2010

The good Walt Disney

Lately I was wondering about the good ol' Walt Disney cartoons and the great cute and much better Walt Disney movies.. though they were cartoon movies mostly but weren't they the best, I have no idea is Disney showcasing  the same quality of cartoons like Aladdin, ducktales, darkwing duck etc.. on TV? I have grew up on a dose of Walt Disney cartoons on daily kid shows so now all grown up now I miss them so much.

AT present, the quality of Hannah Montana is so cheap just because the actual Miley Cyrus doesn't in reality live up to the 'goodness' of the character which we all even when i was child used to except from the story characters that they are as good in reality as they are on screen despite the fact that they are different in reality and virtually distant.'That's so Raven' is still watchable, I like it !

I have  loved Tarzan and jungle book stuff  movie, here's one song that used to play on MTV umpteenth times, ever heard of it?

I love the little mermaid and toy story, air buds, lion king, mighty hoe black, George of the jungle and many more.. the list is exhaustive.. I'm a Disney maniac, and My Sunday will be spent on watching the few movies I will love to watch !!!

How about you? WATS your Sunday plan?


  1. You have great taste in movies:)

  2. You can imagine how many Disney princess movies I watch with my daughter! I love Disney too.

  3. Hi Naqvee, it been awhile, I have missed you.

    I am also a Disney fan, I enjoy his early movies the most. One of my favorites is The Jungle Book.

    I like that song from Tarzan as it is very well done and also because it is by Phil Collins, I like his voice.

  4. Hi Naqvee, My kids enjoyed lots of Disney movies such as Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid, Jungle Book and Aladdin. I haven't watched the newer ones but I like that Tarzan clip you posted.

  5. I love all old Disney movies, and I agree that all the new shows are just screaming "no values" with these young people acting

  6. Hi Naqvee,

    it is lovely to meet you and I am so exicted for all that God has brought you too. I pray he will continue to heal you an reveal just how much you are loved by him. You are never alone when Jesus lives in your heart. I just also want to thank you for your visit and gracious comment. Have a blessed day! Hugs:)

  7. I like the classic Disney movies best. They were a little bit scary! Like Sleeping Beauty and Snow White!


  8. I think my favourite is Snow White, followed by Bambi and Jungle Book. They are all good because there has been a lot of time and effort expended on them. There must have been thousands and thousands of drawings used to produce such fluidity of movement and there has been nothing like it since. Even the backgrounds are beautiful. It is a shame that we have let our standards slip so that the cartoons of today have been produced for quantity not quality.
    It is nice to find another Disney devotee.
    Blessings, Star

  9. Great post!
    I love your great taste in movies. :)

    And Naqvee, thanks so much for your significant comments on my blog! ALWAYS GREAT TO HEAR FROM YOU, my sweet friend.
    You're so special and awesomr person.
    Big hugs!
    B xx


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