Thursday, February 24, 2011

How I spent my 100 bucks

Well, im usually called a spendthrift.
I equally get negative remarks for being this as I swear I don't buy things they get stuck to my bill SOMEHOW!

Let me tell you how :

After being employed for a while now... I thought about using my money on buying some home decos, just some holiday lights sort of buying not-too-plush-over-the-capacity-kinda. So in need of beautifying my house, I took my mom, to one of those shops where we could find some housey stuff. 

We searched good stuff, but they were again over-my-capacity-of-buying-sort-of (I have no clue when people are empty pockets {like me} why do they go for shopping, huh???) .. so I just went looking to one area of that big long shop (its big in lengthwise not breadth wise) and found a nice corner where some chinese stuffs were stuffed. There were good chinese glass paintings, chinese mats, wall hangings so many Made-in-China types. They were unique and a message was also attached to that counter, "Once broken considered sold" kind warning messages as things were quite delicate over there... heehehehe

One thing was also there,that caught me eye,a chinese fan, big chinese fan... well, I kind of loved them when I was a kid, and now thought, I shouldn't have loved it, they could be risky...

As to my plans, a Chinese fan can be spread and be hanged on a wall.. as it appealed to me.. but all of them were closed.. I saw their price tag, and it was for hundred bucks !!! This piece was of an unusual rate. Why so high??? Indians hardly use them for fanning themselves.. gross idea to buy this, I left that counter...

I returned to that counter again, as my mom was busy looking at other things, I thought about "re-thinking" to hang a beautiful Chinese fan on one of the walls of my house.. and in light of this, I opened one fan, spread it out.. and saw the design printed on it with simple red ink.. some Chinese women were picking something from the ground, maybe they were picking grass.. but why?.. that is how it appeared to me.. and some Chinese  alphabets was written on it at one side.. hmmm... I thought.. doesn't look appealing at all.. I closed it and kept it back from where I picked it up..

A sales man appeared on scene, and asked if i needed help, i said, no .. I moved on.. looked at someother not so beautiful fans.. then, I opened another fan casually just to see in case it has some beautiful art on it.... did I want to buy them?? naah just looking.. hmm.. I spread another one.. and a hideous design was made on it.. eew.. some  fiery dragons were present and I closed it at once.. AT once.. it couldn't be closed... why? the bolts got stuck.. alrite.. the salesman.. looked at me.. spread his palm out so that he could help me.. naah.. im an idiot but strong girl.. I struggled to close it.. and yes I did close it ... When.. I saw a chip of wood stood out of place from the fan.. I thought did I BREAK it....

That Salesman looked at me.. and pointed out at the sign.. AHAAN... I can not put it back because, once broken It was CONSIDERED SOLD..

And this hideous,,, dragonned fan stuck to my bill and I paid 100 bucks for a broken and ugly Chinese fan?  I wish I could have broken that fan where some women (though showing their rears, were picking grass, looked better than this!!  Was I  angry, no, I was laughing... Look I am not a spendthrift ! Did I prove my point? I am an innocent buyer. 

NEXT day, 

I put some glue on all those woods that helps that fan to spread out.. Now that fan can not be closed at all... and can not be broken by me anymore !!

these days, it is resting on my wall, so that I can see it as the first thing in the morning and re-learn the lesson.. let the salesman show you what you want to see... in case .. you dont want to be called a looser... who looses her money on broken Chinese things!

I fixed the third wood stick from above

how does it look to you?


Sunday, February 6, 2011

LoVe SToRy

Have you ever given a thought on your own Love Story ever? How you found that Mr. Imperfect and how gained confidence after showing "him" that you were always right since the beginning !!!

In recent times I found two captivating romances.. I refer them to all those, who think they can manage reading tragic love stories. Because with tears in eyes only few people can read.

Thomas Hardy a King of Romance..  Far From the Madding Crowd.. is one novel I think I will never forget.. it connects to every girl in some way or the other. you may hate the heroine in the beginning but you love everyone's character at the end.. you will feel for them..  three heroes of different styles and outlooks... heroin's vanity dominates her character ...tragic turn..... happy ending...

While I was coming back from work I found a bookseller on the road, selling  new books for dirt cheap prices.

I bought this... "LOVE STORY" a 1970's rich versus poor tale... a love marriage.. a struggle afterwords.. incurable disease..untimely death...tragedy

This is all Eric Segal could write way back 30 years.. but this is what remains as the reality still now....

Romantic tragedies..who is fortunate.. who loved and lost or who loved and retained... OR who simply loves

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