I'm ALIVE. Thank You

Dear fellow bloggers, i deleted my previous 50 posts on this  blog...i couldnt read your posts or write my own story...as i never felt to do anything... i was silent.... i was upset.. extremely upset..

i went through an upheaval of emotions lately through the months of February and March. God provided me strength in that time and yes, it were  your blessings, dear friends, that I could actually lift myself up from the ashes exactly like a phoenix.

Some extreme bad phases mostly change your personality.. some extremely horrendous realities shake you to the core. thankfully im alright now.. i have collected myself up.. i have gathered my soul and tied it with my heart again... i can say now that im returning to my normal self.. i have almost recovered from the pain of emotional turmoil.

it happened with me...
I kept walking on the sand and saw my footprints... together with God's footsteps each time when i turned my back..... i saw them right behind on the sand..i always felt very good.. . but when the worst and abhorrent happened. i kept walking.thinking that God was with me.. but no....  when i turned my back .. i saw only a pair of foot prints.... i kept walking and walking.. i knew i was alone now.. god wasn't with me.. but now I KNOW GOD HELD ME IN HIS HANDS WHILE HE WALKED.. IT WERE HIS FOOT PRINTS.Which I saw.. he held me in his hands so I was not alone !.. im BLESSED I know this now..

GOD has taken me out of that tornado.. im very glad..your blessings have prayed a very big role in my life.. keep praying .
you guys rock..

The Free Bird, drawn by me in 2006.
Medium: Oil Pastels
Sheet: A4 Cartridge Sheet
 May God bless us All..

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