Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Crossed fingers

I know i'm being a little tired of being myself and i need someone to exchange my life with at least for a couple of days but then i think it's better to live with what I m destined for rather than looking at others and saying their life rock! i know no one's life can ever rock...

Back to my "Not so happy" updates.

I'm taking my exams one by one as the days come... my first was on 11th , then 14th and then 18th of May, now i have second last on 25th and last on 2nd June! the nice part is that we all friends study on fone for the exam othrwise we USED study together (in person) but now we dont beacause of untimely errors in my life.

I have given my dog "Lucky" in adoption to a person who's in Police, I HAD to GIVE away my dog because from past many months my Pesky neighbors were making it a big issue that it is causing nuisance in the neighborhood! It was the toughest decision that I had to take because Lucky was and is My dog.. so i had to suppress my love for it and think about the damn neighborhood. I gave away Lucky on 9th of May - two days before my final exams commenced.

The policeman is keeping our Lucky-dog for his own liking, but few days back i got to know that while Lucky was roaming in the yard it escaped from the gate to the main road and got lost! yes It was a terrrible news which I heard on the 13th of May ( a day before my second exam) and I lost all my concentration from studies as i was too sacred to think what would have happened to my lovely dog! 

God held it and guided it back to the place  where this policeman is taking care of him! Lucky returned after two days... and my father went to see it... he said, he's terribly weak and dirty. the worst thing is that it was not liking the police man and  didn't  want to be with him... with many prayers, I heard my dad talking to my mom that now Lucky is trying to adjust with him... 

the worst is what I got know today : Lucky got hold of the arm and bit that Policeman! 

you can laugh here.... as I too, when heard  could not stop laughing... Oh God what are you doing.?..

'Lucky has again escaped from the Policeman's clutches' ( I think) will he return or not? the policeman is a very humble man, i dont know what's wrong, who's wrong and where is the wrong?

Crossed fingers for a better time to come!

 I'm very optimistic and I know that God wants me to learn something....and I'm ready to learn a lesson.. the ONLY problem is that.......... I don't know what to learn? 

Urgent : Blessings required for Lucky and Me! keeping my fingers Crossed!



  1. Praying for both you and lucky!

  2. I hope the thing with your dog Lucky works out for the good. The nerve of some neighbors. If the dog was chewing their leg off...well maybe, but that was not the case.
    You can delete this comment after reading if you wish.
    You left one of the nicest comments on my blog and I want to thank you for dropping by. I'd love to have you as a follower if your so leave really nice comments and I covet that.

  3. Girl, you will be just fine you are so damn smart don't worry and overwork yourself chica! hugs***

  4. I have my paws crossed for you two!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Rough times, but times will get better- Just believe.

    Prayers for you and Lucky.

  6. wow...that's a lot going on right now! Of course, I'll say prayers for you.

  7. Hope everything works out for the good.
    Praying for you and Lucky.
    B xx

    Missed you!

  8. What a sad story. I'll keep you both in my thoughts. Try and concentrate on your studies so you can achieve greatness and move out of that mean neighborhood!


  9. this is EXTREMELY terrible Naqvee, I know i can sense that.. some neighbours are pesky to the nerve but you should have gone to Police if that was the case.. and the best thing sure was that you gave the Lucky to a policeman.. couldnt he ease you out?

    and the rest that u've told actually makes me go wild... GOD WHAT R U DOING?? HELP HER OUTT

  10. hey update us on your romantic side of life! what's your Fiance's say on this?


  11. I think God is teaching you trust, patience and perseverance. Trust in that He will take care of Lucky. Maybe Lucky is being a tad rebellious until he adjusts to his new environment. Bad things most always happen (to distract us) when we are close to the goal He ordains us to endure. You have to keep pressing towards the mark.

  12. Oh Naqvee, I'm so sorry about you have to give up Lucky. It's one of the worst thing to do..Good luck with your exams..It will be over soon.

  13. Praying for you and Lucky. I'm thinking about you. Good luck with your exams.

  14. Hope everything works out for the good
    I wish you a very good luck with exams.
    Short Poems

  15. Good luck with the exams! As for trading lives with someone you know they just come with their own set of problems - the grass is rarely greener - meant to make you feel better about being you by the way. I sometimes think it would be nice to put my life on pause for a while so I could explore one route and then if it didn't work out I could come back and all would be ok but I guess that is called cheating ☺

  16. thank you guys for your lovely words of wisdom and i deeply appreciate that you have come over here.. taken out time and spoke to me!

    May God Bless us All

  17. It must have been terribly hard to concentrate on your exams with Lucky on your mind. It is hard to give up a pet, even when you know it is going to a good home. Maybe your circumstances will change and you will get Lucky back someday soon. Good luck with the rest of your exams. I will be praying for you and Lucky!

  18. Thank You, for your very kind comments about Chrissie! And, I saw that you left a comment on her family blog. That little girl really DID touch lives all over the world!
    I'm SO happy you found Lucky! It's amazing how our pets become such a huge part of our lives!
    Love You ~ Jo

  19. Oh dear, I just re-read this post and saw that you DON'T have Lucky! I'll say some prayers for You AND Lucky! That he will find the perfect home! I'll be thinking about YOU as you finish up your exams! Big Hugs to You, Naqvee! Jo

  20. Naqvee, Good luck with your exams and I hope you did well on the ones you already took.

    So glad you found a home for Lucky with the Policeman and not a mailman because dogs like to chase mailmen and also fire trucks, so no firemen! : ) You are doing what's right for you and your Lucky. And the Almighty desires it...

  21. Naqvee, sorry to take so long but the last time I came by Blogger would not let me post on your blog. I am trying again.

    We all have times that are hard but it will always get better. You and Lucky are in my prayers, I hope everything works out.


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