Sunday, November 23, 2014

Leaving Friends!

Many of my friends have vanished from my life
without even bidding me a decent goodbye
To some I was bold
and let them go
But some disappeared to a place I didn't know

Some got married and settled beyond my reach
They severed from me,
when I wasn't ready for the breach

Many of my friends walked out from my heart
Without checking back, was I cold and hard?
On a day too yellow and blue of a sky
Do they too remember me in a sober silent cry?

The hole dug in my heart is fresh and deep,
The memories of fun may ravish my sleep
Their laughter is a promise that I may keep
But their return won't help my bleeding weep!

I needed them most when I was broken
I waited for their words which were unspoken
Yes, most are gone and some more are going
Without giving a hope that they were always showing

They come, they stay and then they leave
They give me a reason too solid to believe
If love is a pain and friendship relief
When friends leave, why am I left in grief?

Many of my friends have vanished from my life
without even bidding me a decent goodbye
To some I was bold
and let them go
but some disappeared to a place I didn't know

~ Written by Naqvee
Dedicated to all my friends whom I dearly miss to this day! 

Monday, November 10, 2014

The time when Every ONE is busy!

After a long time of erratic schedules of work made me ponder upon a question so frequently searched on Google, How to Manage Time because I think that it's not only me, but for me too Everyone is busy!

Yesterday I kept talking to my mother about good olden days when everyone was so free that even my relatives would stay at our house for months altogether! How my neighbourhood children were my best friends and we would play daily for 4 hours straight every day after school, then do our homeworks, eat dinner and go to bed without any tantrum just to wake up and go to school the next day as school too, seemed fun!

Growing up is the best thing that happens because it gives you problems and you challenge your brain to find solutions. Now as I have grown up, I find how everyone and not only me has become so entangled in our lives that we give only a couple of minutes to each other. Neither I know what they went through and how they dealt with that nor they know about me. It's just a formality that we follow. How typical!

The only thing that worries me is why WE are not juggling our actions, our schedules, our work properly and consequently miss out so many times. We try to keep ourselves in rhythm but we fail even after trying hard. But could the blame for all this be put on the new working norms, increased professionalism, competitiveness or is it just our mismanagement?

Sometimes I just think is this because of the time mismanagement that has made all of crawl back into our shells and now we don't have anything to discuss openly about, as we know that we might have failed someone when they expected us to be there? Or is it truly because everyone is Busy into something that keeps them strapped back to their seats and restricts them to reach somewhere they must be?

What will be the future, when there will be no more care, need and formalities? Is Time Management so essential to keep our relationships ALIVE?

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