Thursday, August 18, 2011

Invitation to Social sites.THANKS BUT NO THANKS

Recently I read an article in one of those Sunday newspaper Mags which talked about "Spending too much time on Social Networking Sites works like an addiction and can cause huge increase in stress levels"

Let me clear the air here:

One may think that I may be a backward in techie zone but this isn't true although I have never been a huge fan of any of So-called- Social Networking sites ! I have never been connected to anyone through FaceBook/Twitter/Orkut ect.

Few Years back, when Orkut was on height My sister also was on Orkut but I never had an independent page for my own friends since I believed that people whom I met in class rooms really didnt need to hover as clouds on ME all the time even when I am outside the class.. Being with friends during the half of the day and then spending the other half on any networking website and THAT AGAIN WITH THEM was kind of wastage of time for me.

Seriously.. Then I found a good reason to stay away ! I saw some of my good cousins getting jealous with my sis's b'ful snaps spread all over her Orkut profile. And since they shared mean comments every time my sis dropped a new snap over her profile...  NO doubt you've option to block people away... but why we should block our own family members? We thought it proper to shut down My sis's Orkut Profile as my sis always felt bad after reading them! THE END.

A Year back... I thought about peeping in other's life on Facebook of course knowing those whom I KNOW.. But suddenly my classmates / Friends of Friends and all those Facebook strangers out there  whom I have never spoken in the class or even in my life, came over sending me umpteenth friend requests all the time. I felt almost outrageous every time I used to ignore those Friend requests. However, the best part was somewhere here... Facebook doesn't properly protect your identity and snaps and  (thats a debate ongoing over that) and moreover those games and thousand application requests never let you keep your nerves calm. So a good bye bye from there I said..

The worst about these social network'g sites... you have an option to comment and then re-comment and re - re- comment and then You start into some one's leg pulling or end up in a heated argument.

One thing I think these sites are giving way to.. A generation is born where every one is SELF OBSESSED !
On orkut and Facebook you have an option giving you a chance as TO SAY what's up with you!  STATUS UPDATE !!!

close friends will comment: WOW.. KEEP IT UP'/WHATS COOKING/ I WANT TO EAT AS WELL

gimme a break!

what was so nice to talk about in there to comment on or even like it? A generation talking complete non-sense ! can you believe this?

Twitter is about CELEBRITY NON-SENSE : 140 words of pure crap

Movie stars updating their Status:

Drinking Coffee :)

and on this crap update they get 24 RE-TWEETS "WOW/ENJOY/LUV U"

More here :

“On the way to shoot'g a new movie in my new Merc”

100 fans re-tweeting as "I love you XYZ, Im your biggest FAN"

So... whatever this generation in doing after every 15 minutes they update their status.

Hence my status update on BLOGGER :  

BLOgging is BEtter.

ALAS ! No one “likes” it    :(

Here are my personal views on these sites... pictures are drawn/written/made by me! 



Sunday, August 7, 2011


I think..

Friendship is a beautiful bridge of thoughts from one heart to another.

It is like a complete rainbow from one end to another and it becomes visible in all its colors only when the storm crosses my heart.. and when the sun shines I see you standing there... bright and like an arched door so that i can enter it...

For me..

 Friendship is like a bark of tree that joins the top most sunlit leaf with the deepest root in the earth.

Friendship for me is the most pious and purest feeling that I have ever felt.

I can't thank enough to those who have stood with me through the test of time rather than being fair weather friends

Thank You for being there with me. Looking forward to share the best with you always.


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