Thursday, September 17, 2015

Amid the Sea of People

In December, 2014 I was a first timer at the Airports of the world and that too, a loner :)

My first ever flight that was a long haul from New Delhi(India) via Heathrow(UK) to San Francisco(US) ended up being a 22 hour journey!

The lesser amount of time and additional 5 hours of layover at Heathrow while returning (FYI).

Well, throughout my stay at the airports and observing eyes and Curious-George attitude I collected enough time to think and view that enormous sea of People which was present there ALWAYS waving, chattering, humming, raising eyebrows, mailing, yawning and smiling!

I could see every different yet similar face present on the Earth at that particular airport of Heathrow. The only thing I could feel was how God made everyone and then their DNA replicas and then theirs?

There was not a single moment when I never wondered why humans were so good at travelling? Was it because of our hunter-gatherer yet moving past as cavemen? Or its just another tendency of human nature, to never stop for a single day?

And I mostly liked that combined attitude of people esp. when they are at airports that they are so courteous and humble. Another point that amazed me! Was there love of belonging to each other, overwhelmed like me to see so many people at once or was it just plain fear to not be rude to our likes? Or was it because we were all lonely in the crowd?

The courteousness of fellow travellers from lifting/carrying my hand carrier through escalators (as I had a non-wheeled 8 Kg cabin bag moreover I looked exhausted) or just plain funny chit chats about flight delays as well as sharing seats and paces at airport kiosks.

Remembering the chats, I bartered a brownie for a plain bagel with an 11 year old Australian girl who sat with her mother, and we talked for about 2 hours. And she kept telling me about the last christmas's presents she gave and received from her family and one Dave?

Next, the airports are so full of Duty-free shops and mall-like buzz. That gives such "places of anxiety" a calm feeling where we can smile at the glitter and prices of stuff :) I liked the presence of Toy shops, PERFUMES and plain fragrance shops, and wondered why Liquor shops's salesmen were unhappy at every airport?

After viewing people cashing up, I reckon Airports are "currency magnets". So much currency travels through them, it's like a hub of every currency.

And Lastly the so-many eating joints at one place, each next to each, tasting better than the previous one. Though I am a scared eater, I got suggestions from fellow travellers about what I wanted to eat and which joint serves better taste.

I took chances to eat Lebanese veg-wraps at Comptoir Libanais, had my coffee & brownie (same I bartered) at Apostrophe, Pizza at Strada, Baked Potatoes at Giraffe all at Heathrow (in 5 hours) !

Chocolate Salad at Firewood Cafe (SF Airport) and plain Coffee flavoured Ice cream at Haagen-Dazs (IGI Airport). All of these were suggested and tasted good.

All in all, I am amazed at human tendencies! 

IGI Airport, New Delhi

Monday, April 13, 2015

To Get Lost & found again

In 1998 when I just got in 6th grade and my sister in 11th grade (at 15 she skipped 1 class because she was awesome), our father thought to get us enrolled in a new and better school. 
Leaving behind all my favorite teachers and single good friend was not only painful journey but a cry of a child who never wanted to detach from his/her safe harbor. 

The formalities to get admission in a new school were not such a headache then and my parents always thought that it was as easy as 1-2-3 to make new friends and become a teacher's pet if you are good in their eyes. Since my sister gave them the impression of being confident, capable, responsible and intelligent and I was just 10% of the whole matter I knew I will do just average.

My first day in that enormous new school happened to be a week before the beginning of 2 long months (May and June) summer vacation. The 4 days passed equally okay nevertheless, monotonous. However, P.E. was the best. 
The 5th Day being a Friday was easy as a pie because all the teacher's were in good mood and nobody wanted to spoil the spirit of the vacations. To add to the frolic, our headmistress announced that the school is about to be closed at 11:30 am after the fifth period. 

Since I didn't know whether my sister knows (we used to walk together to home)  that our class was off at 11:30am and I will have to wait for her somewhere outside the school she can tell, so when she was off, we could walk together to home.
My intelligence made me rush to my sister's section on an altogether senior's floor and I had no idea that there were 6 sections of each grade and I forgot/got confused in which section my own sister studied?

I did not know it was off for every class while students gathered in hordes wished to reach the exits first, shoving away lots of little people like me. 

After rushing here and there berserk I lost the way to my own classroom where I had left my school bag and I was so anxious and nervous I forgot my own section!I didn't know which way was my class room and no body was helping me, I did not remember any face from my 4 day old class mates whom I never bothered to talk to. 

I figured out how the school appeared to my mind, I think It was made in the shape of letter or  H as there were crossing/intersection and there were four exits on each end point of the building. But on which end was I standing I just could not figure it out! 

I couldn't find the staff room and I was panicky. The whole school got emptied in minutes and there I was rushing corridor to corridor, holding back my tears, appearing brave, and running back and forth to find my sister maybe or my class room which ever was first!

No sign of any teacher or staff room could be seen, no student was hearing to me, everyone was cheering and calling out "Happy Holidays!" to each other, some said to me as well and ran off. How could I run out of school or say happy holidays when I am not happy specially when I did not know where the junior's exit was, I was not even near to my corridor or water cooler. Was I thirsty suddenly? Have I been crying? I was sweaty maybe!

I looked at my wrist watch it was 12:30 noon in a blink and I was still standing. But why? I think I was hearing a voice coming closer to me and was echoing. Some one was calling my name? Or maybe I didn't know until after an hour I could see my sister rushing to me and saying that all this time she was waiting for me in front of junior's exit and why wasn't I there? She asked repeatedly where did I go? Was I stuck in the children's toilet? Did some body lock me or tricked me? I was crying all through this time. I just could not utter a single word except that I was sweaty and crying and happy that my sister found me!  

I could not say anything but she kept asking me what happened and where was my school bag and I just said it's in the class. She asked me about the section as my name starts with a G so maybe I was about to be shifted in another section than the one I was admitted in, and that I didn't remember. We went to the part where the junior's area was from the high school part. I didn't get that how I ended up in high school part of the building when I was on the senior level?

We went to 6A then to 6B and then to 6C and there was my blue school bag waiting to be picked by me. My sister collected my stuff and shoved them into the bag and we moved out as the school appeared creepy to us. 

As soon as we got home, I made a promise that I won't say anything upsetting about getting lost in the school and that my sister was very fond of the new school but I can tell that I got lost today. But, as my father turned up in the evening from work and mother started to tell my day at school I cried as if I was abducted my creeps and ghosts.

I just cried and cried saying that I won't go to that school ever again and so my father promised me that at every cost he will move me back to my old school where I felt safe and happy.

This is what I felt when I got lost and found again. Has anybody been lost and found in an unlikely manner?

Monday, April 6, 2015

A wedding to remember!

When we think about weddings------> lacy gowns, Veils, tuxedos and happy gatherings come into mind!

But when I think about weddings, each is a unique experience to remember. Here I share some of mine!

I wonder about such events in life that happen and we become a part of it. We were/are a part of it as it was/is meant to be us to give that event that special touch or take away all the glitter from it!!! 

And then you say, OH yeah I was there.. Or You say.. I was not there and I still don't regret it!

Many a times I think about my one of the best friend's valentine themed (14th February) wedding where she kept calling me and I could not attend the celebration! I still don't remember why, was I busy? However, within a year I witnessed her marriage falling apart. She went through a terrible divorce and I happened to be with her at the time of her nervous breakdown. The saddest time of her life's history. One sad event ever to witness!

However, I still chuckle at the wedding of my university friend who's ex turned up at her wedding fully drunk..and she kept messaging me so that I can discreetly tell her mother to wrap up the event fast as the bride's feeling disoriented, low, dizzy and exhausted due to CEREMONY excitement which actually was nothing of that sort!!

Then a very good friend of mine, on whose wedding I could not reach as I was stuck in a 3 hour long traffic jam at night before we got lost and could never find our way to home (no GPS).  My Dad recalls that night as horrific as we came back at 2 am after all that dawdling when we took off merrily at 8 pm for "Dinner at the wedding"! 

And when I got married in the same month and same year, we were on such bad terms that I merely informed her and never invited her to my wedding. Yet, she is the first friend whom I missed bitterly when I moved away from my country and often talk to her about marital woes and bliss! 

I have to recall another dear friend's wedding for sure, who actually took 9 months' worth planning with me for her wedding to happen in December. And I was the one whom (1) she FORGOT to invite and (2) I did not know the exact address where she chose to keep her wedding so I kept calling her THAT DAY and she kept disconnecting the call, since she was (after all) busy getting married!!!    EPIC

LASTLY it is my own Weekday W

edding where My (now) husband was hurrying through the process of getting married as he had to leave for office. Mind you, he did not take a day off for his own wedding and everyone was acting haphazardly as he was getting LATE for office. 

Our wedding had to happen that day as we waited for 12 LONG years and 10 months for that day TO OCCUR.  
Hilarious!! BTW I am married to a workaholic ! 

At last we got married.. and He went to office... Mission Accomplished.    



Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Power of Spring!

The butterflies' fluttering away! The emerald greens have been stretched on grounds and new buds are showing us their blushed tints. 
Happy Spring to one and all :)

This is one poem I recited in my class when I was 11, though I did not understand its deep metaphors then, but now its another time! Enjoy it reading.

Spring is like a perhaps hand
(which comes carefully
out of Nowhere) arranging
a window, into which people look (while
people stare
arranging and changing placing
carefully there a strange
thing and a known thing here) and

changing everything carefully

spring is like a perhaps
Hand in a window
(carefully to
and from moving New and
Old things,while
people stare carefully
moving a perhaps
fraction of flower here placing
an inch of air there) and

without breaking anything.

~ Spring is like a perhaps hand by E. E. Cummings~

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