Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Power of Spring!

The butterflies' fluttering away! The emerald greens have been stretched on grounds and new buds are showing us their blushed tints. 
Happy Spring to one and all :)

This is one poem I recited in my class when I was 11, though I did not understand its deep metaphors then, but now its another time! Enjoy it reading.

Spring is like a perhaps hand
(which comes carefully
out of Nowhere) arranging
a window, into which people look (while
people stare
arranging and changing placing
carefully there a strange
thing and a known thing here) and

changing everything carefully

spring is like a perhaps
Hand in a window
(carefully to
and from moving New and
Old things,while
people stare carefully
moving a perhaps
fraction of flower here placing
an inch of air there) and

without breaking anything.

~ Spring is like a perhaps hand by E. E. Cummings~

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Leaving Friends!

Many of my friends have vanished from my life
without even bidding me a decent goodbye
To some I was bold
and let them go
But some disappeared to a place I didn't know

Some got married and settled beyond my reach
They severed from me,
when I wasn't ready for the breach

Many of my friends walked out from my heart
Without checking back, was I cold and hard?
On a day too yellow and blue of a sky
Do they too remember me in a sober silent cry?

The hole dug in my heart is fresh and deep,
The memories of fun may ravish my sleep
Their laughter is a promise that I may keep
But their return won't help my bleeding weep!

I needed them most when I was broken
I waited for their words which were unspoken
Yes, most are gone and some more are going
Without giving a hope that they were always showing

They come, they stay and then they leave
They give me a reason too solid to believe
If love is a pain and friendship relief
When friends leave, why am I left in grief?

Many of my friends have vanished from my life
without even bidding me a decent goodbye
To some I was bold
and let them go
but some disappeared to a place I didn't know

~ Written by Naqvee
Dedicated to all my friends whom I dearly miss to this day! 

Monday, November 10, 2014

The time when Every ONE is busy!

After a long time of erratic schedules of work made me ponder upon a question so frequently searched on Google, How to Manage Time because I think that it's not only me, but for me too Everyone is busy!

Yesterday I kept talking to my mother about good olden days when everyone was so free that even my relatives would stay at our house for months altogether! How my neighbourhood children were my best friends and we would play daily for 4 hours straight every day after school, then do our homeworks, eat dinner and go to bed without any tantrum just to wake up and go to school the next day as school too, seemed fun!

Growing up is the best thing that happens because it gives you problems and you challenge your brain to find solutions. Now as I have grown up, I find how everyone and not only me has become so entangled in our lives that we give only a couple of minutes to each other. Neither I know what they went through and how they dealt with that nor they know about me. It's just a formality that we follow. How typical!

The only thing that worries me is why WE are not juggling our actions, our schedules, our work properly and consequently miss out so many times. We try to keep ourselves in rhythm but we fail even after trying hard. But could the blame for all this be put on the new working norms, increased professionalism, competitiveness or is it just our mismanagement?

Sometimes I just think is this because of the time mismanagement that has made all of crawl back into our shells and now we don't have anything to discuss openly about, as we know that we might have failed someone when they expected us to be there? Or is it truly because everyone is Busy into something that keeps them strapped back to their seats and restricts them to reach somewhere they must be?

What will be the future, when there will be no more care, need and formalities? Is Time Management so essential to keep our relationships ALIVE?

Monday, April 1, 2013

LAST year's NEW YEAR Resolutions AT LAST fulfilled

After one year, Almighty has bestowed his kindness upon me. Your prayers worked wonders :)
After writing my last post on March 6th, 2012 I felt the need to work towards the New Year Goals that I set for myself. Things got deranged and the effect came on my job. But everything with God's help got sorted out and in a strangely amusing way!! Read on.

I wanted a disease free year but unfortunately in later March I got my pelvic lymph nodes swollen like marbles which were accompanied by high fever at night and severe coughing. My state became so severe that I felt difficulty in walking. When the doc advised me for a Tuberculosis test I felt wrecked. My throat was so sore that even when I tried to talk, people listening to me could feel that something really bad is going on. My Mantoux Test (skin test for TB) came positive. I was absolutely wrecked. Then God intervened..... My later tests like  blood test, sputum test and chest x-ray showed no signs of any severity. Everything was normal. So the doc opined that the Skin test for TB was positive due to previous BCG vaccination. They treated the swollen nodes with medications and by April end I was Hale and Hearty. My 1st resolution threw my off track but I determined to not get sick for another whole year counting from March 2012 to March 2013.

Though I was quite good yet, medications and recovery caused stress and somewhere it got reflected on my job. I wasn't able to achieve the told targets of an editor and was continuously loosing in some invisible career race.

Thus in July, I did double job to maintain my sanity. I worked part time in a law firm and side by side freelanced for my old law publishing house. I worked like this because the work load of being an attorney was far less from being a law editor where we have daily tasks lined up on desk ... daily!!!  When I was able to gather up some Money. God fulfilled my 2nd New year Resolution :
Got a better phone.. a Windows smart phone. YAY :)

My 2nd resolution was fulfilled again, when I started enjoying thick paychecks.
My 3rd resolution was fulfilled by papa when we got a good flat screen TV (t'was a secret as how we got it.. but we are just enjoying it.)

My vacations-resolution has not yet fulfilled so, I am looking forward to this year. But I went flab free, pimple free and actually disease free all year long!! I tried to sleep early and work out, all that helped in bringing the refreshed side of my creativity and then I looked for new opportunities.

This year... so far as I believe.. God bestowed his kindness. He gave me what I needed most.. Since being an attorney is boring I needed a good opportunity where I could put my writing skills to work. "You ask from God .. you Get from God"

I dropped my double jobs this year when I got a nice but strange opportunity to co-author a CLAT cracking book (Common Law Admission Test - its similar to LSAT, Law School Admission Test). This week the book will be available in book stores. So here I say.. Thanks to God for being with me. Everything happens when almighty desires but we must never loose our faith!

It feels great :) Looking forward to share more good posts with all of my loving buddies, your prayers for me, got answered.
But.. more needed please :D


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Picture Perfect

At times, I wonder what pictures meant in the past?

This question popped in my mind when I was seeing a slide show of my digital pictures. I nearly spent a whole day looking good but just got few "good looking pics".

I wondered How quick the photo taking process has become.. click it .. dont like it.. delete it.. click another.. dont like.. delete it.. after few more bad clicks.. battery down..  :(

I compared my digital pictures with the hand held photo albums where one has to turn the pages one-by-one stopping few seconds or more (i stare the picture for a minute) and seeing the "perfect" toothless smile when you were really "a babe" and a freckle less, frown less, wrinkle less picture of when you were 11 and a glowing skin (with no visible zits and acne) when you were  13-14 and some out of focus pictures as cameras were just cameras then and not automatic focus, anti shake and exposure fixing machines.

When I was 12 and my sister 16, we used to spend our monthly allowance on buying camera reels. Its about the year 1999 and life was REELY simple and we started feeling being " new grown ups" as we bought our personal camera. We used to dress up and then one after another we used to click photos in various poses. Wow.  The reel had space for 32 photos so we used to make it sure that we don't end the film by clicking pictures in dark, or in over exposure and the ULTIMATE AIM WAS TO CAPTURE OUR GOOD LOOKS in different attires :) we were and are still a pair of funny sisters who never threw tantrums! So we would spend a lot of time without creating much fuss in getting the best out of each other in those pictures.

When we finished our 32 picture slab, we used to give the film for getting it developed at the photo developing shops and eagerly waited for the next evening when we will get our pictures in hand!

After getting the pictures in our hand, we used to hurriedly see the pictures, flipping them really fast in order to check if any picture was wasted by us? Every time 2 or 3 pics were shaken or hazy so we would say.. Oh I really look good even in the shaky/hazy/blurred/out-of-focus picture! At home we would orderly arrange the pictures in the album and show it to our friends as a pass time :)

This exercise was repeated even when the cousins used to come home for vacations, we would go for clicking the pictures outdoors and posting them theirs at their addresses when they were gone.

Now I have seen that people have the tendency of clicking meaningless pictures, there are people who want to take public opinion about their nail polish color whether it suits them or not? I know a girl who clicked a picture of her manicured hand that had nail art over it and to me that looked really a wastage of battery, if not film!

Pictures were taken then to keep the joys and progress of the family in tact on the paper. To keep the smiles on and not to showcase five colored fingers! We never took public opinions on how we looked as we were just natural and the wait for the photos to come in hand.. made every photo precious. .. but today I feel I should be appreciated in my photos.. for what.. for doing the most difficult task... choosing which photos to show where I look okay.  Leave aside Perfection.. Now it can never be achieved.

To achieve that perfection in photos is not possible now.. not atleast with the DigiCam in hand for me.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fake vanity

Everytime I will turn my TV on, I will see a good amount of advertisments which will showcase adobed and airbrushed plastic beauties that will tell how they became fairer in 7 days after using "this" fairness cream and how they looked 10 years younger after using "this" skin regenerist cream. I have seen different western commercials on youtube that endorse "tanning creams" and how great one girl can look in a swim suit with that dusky body! oops.. is it funny?

Gimme a Break!

When someone is dark then what is so gross about it? Isn't this racism? If Dark skinned girls buy such creams to gain fairness then when someone is white skinned then why she should be asked to get a tan?
The market has been captured by Garnier, Olay, Loreal and Ponds who sell their different products in this range :Loreal white perfect, olay white, ponds white beauty, garnier light, and then the ANTI-AGEING creams like age miracle, fine wrinkle reduction, regenerist offerings i dont know what but why are we delaying the 7 signs of ageing! and then they ask you to buy the same because you are WORTH IT... so am I worth being a fool?

I have no clue, why all this and other delayed aging things are being sold ? why dissatisfaction towards one's appearness is being created. Why? In fact now men are also targeted, for them garnier has made "garnier men, power light" oh.. what happened to the old fairytale "tall dark and handsome man" why we need a fair and handsome guy?

I read this, you can read it too. It all leaves such a negative impact but how to boycot these Non-magical products? Airbrushed beauties taking hundreds of dollars for making you look dissatisfied with yourself and we too want a flawless skin and shining hair like hers. :)



Sunday, January 15, 2012

This new year I want ...

Dear all,
I wish you a great great New Year ( oh c'mon its just 15 days old sentence so please accept the same with a  SMILEY)

I can't believe that my holidays are over and the season of fun and enjoyment is over too! But I want to take this year with a bang and a bingo so that I don't miss my vacations sooo much which I spent with my fiance after approx 19 months  :)

In 2011, I kept working  (hardly) on my computer so that I could keep my poor self Employed. I earned last year (only) for my bread and butter and for some chips as well but this I want to earn enough to buy something better to eat,  THERE'S MORE TO LIFE THAN EATING BREAD AND BUTTER ALL THE TIME..

SO this year
I want a disease free, flu free, flab free, pimple free health 365 days
I want thick pay checks all 12 months and more savings each month

However here are some quintessential things that I want this year :

I want for myself a good techie phone before April 2012,  last year my best fone went dead and I am stuck with tacky fone from China ($38) with loud speakers. i want get rid of it now.

Next, I want for myself a good TV before August 2012, this year im sure my Tv will also go dead (yes.. its that bad)

And lastly I want for myself a good outstation vacation before December 2012. I will be fed up if I work so much. :)

Now if i have to get all these things I will have to develop 3 qualities
and Organisation I know.. oh these words are so ancient but only if i have all this only then i can work more without quitting anything.

Hope I keep working in and working out.

And I want to be friends with more God loving buddies.

Happy New Year frnds

6 B's of Lyf :