Monday, April 18, 2016

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            Maintaining “friends forever” by 
              sharing insightful experiences

Friend, such a kind word in our vocabulary, that we often use but, never mean it. Only if we stopped taking this word for granted, we will in reality have many powerful friendships that will last eternally. The only thing we are missing right now is to how to gain such powerful friendship of such magical sort?

After wondering and stumbling through my own experiences with friends, I realized that one never meets a friend by Luck, though you may meet your love by luck! So how we actually meet one person that day who turns into a good friend in few days is simply a matter of circumstances.

Our circumstances force us to become friends from mere acquaintances. Some times we seek (deliberately) a person to become a friend like at school, gym or work. Reason being, it becomes boring if we don’t have someone to share our “life” with. But, we have also witnessed that a large percentage of these Friendships get over when we either change or move away and can no longer remain in touch with those friends. Communication gap meanwhile works like the last nail in the coffin. And the friendship is over!

But other times we become friends with people without any effort to be anything. Like sharing a bus route daily, spending time with neighbors, going to club regularly for a game or so and meeting new people whom you don’t have to share anything personal with. However a large percentage of people end up having better Friendships in such circumstance based meetups. Reason being, you are not forced by yourself deliberately. It just happened. You end up having the most insightful experience sharing interaction with a stranger and there you go. You look forward to meet such person/s again. And that's where real “friends forever” philosophy begin.

Living and re-living by sharing experiences with the people we call friends help to maintain good level of relationships.

Circumstances bring us together and we can take a flight from there. We know the ins and outs of such circumstances but when we talk about it, when we unload our feelings that’s when the real “us” meets the real “they”.

Just share a personal experience and see how many similar will come up.
From happy to depressed, just lucky to just unlucky, good days to bad days, from advises to suggestions! Anything that STARTs a real and genuine conversation can make you a person a genuinely worthy friend and deep down nobody wants to lose such a resourceful person. Your resource is your way of looking at life and sharing it with others, what you have learned!

Therefore, a mere hello and plus few sentences (for the sake of keeping in touch) can never mean that you know that person very well though at a time you knew them in middle school. Now it doesn’t count to be included in anything because the relationship has changed from friendship to acquaintance! And that change came because the experience sharing interaction has come to a halt. We just catch up in the most casual way but nothing is real deal.

However, the more insightful and true you become to yourself, and the more you practice an interaction based on your experience, and by listening up the other side as well, the more people will join you as friends and will be there with you forever.

Just be sure a good friend is also a good and patient listener. That’s the key to unlock the door of maintaining Friendships, the door is though made up of sharing insightful experiences and asking them to indulge as well.



  1. Oh Naqvee, it is good to read your post. Friends (I've decided) just may be God's ambassadors in our lives. Keeping our hearts whole and helping us heal as needed. Always giving a perspective we didn't consider before. However, the wrong friends keep the nails to our coffins in their back pockets. Too cynical?


    1. Hellooo,
      It's ultimately true that the wrong company and wrong choice of people can land us in more trouble and pain than we can even imagine. I have been there and felt that once as well. It was a horrible end of a really nice friendship.

  2. So true what you shared here about friends and friendships. They are vital for getting through life and enjoying life. Sadly sometimes we neglect friends and then we find they are no longer part of our lives or we move away and despite our best efforts to stay in touch we don't. But life is always so much better with lots of friends in it!


    1. Hey,
      Exactly. We all need space to introspect but once we come out of our learning cave we tend to seek people to get along with our journey.

  3. Yes. And friendships become more difficult to maintain but also deeper and more profound as I get older. All of my very close friends live far away and it takes much effort to stay in touch. But it is definitely worth it.
    Lovely post. :)

  4. Friend is truly a powerful word.

    I have many mushroom friends in the woods.

  5. I value my close friends like gold. I make sure I make the time to call and set-up time to meet up with them and keep up with what is going on in their lives. I couldn't go through some of the most difficult times in my life if it wasn't for the support my friends provided. I would do anything for them and they know that too.

  6. Hi my dear
    I hope u r doing well.
    I didnt have any other way to contact you . But i really hope that u all are doing better than me....
    My dear reach me on this number +61420844540
    I am in the middle of crisis in my life and i just want you guys to continuw to pray for us
    Ur friend

  7. Hi Gulshan,
    I suppose this comment gonna be a shocked and surprised comment for you from your old and lost friend whom you have stopped talking from last many years.
    I apologized that time also and now also i am saying sorry to you for whatsoever reason I made you so much hurt. I always miss you and our friendship. That friendship was definitely not an ordinary one. I can never have a friend like you gulshan, who had been there with me all the time from studies to fitness. I never told you but you always were my inspiration. Our never ending conversation still blow my mind. Our loughter, joy, playfulness, love, tears, hate and again love can never fade away from my life.
    I never tried to contact you not because I never wanted to, I knew that your anger towards me will gradually vanish over the period of time and It was really touching when went to my house to meet my parents.

    Anyways, The ball is in your Coat completely. I am leaving my number here assuming that you will call me one day because I know you very well. You are very nice and Humble even to your enemies and I and you used to be very good friends I guess. Right???

    Dying to hear voice gulshan. Hope you are having a good time with faheim in states.
    Happy reunion,
    Truly yours
    Sana f. Khan


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