Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Crossed fingers

I know i'm being a little tired of being myself and i need someone to exchange my life with at least for a couple of days but then i think it's better to live with what I m destined for rather than looking at others and saying their life rock! i know no one's life can ever rock...

Back to my "Not so happy" updates.

I'm taking my exams one by one as the days come... my first was on 11th , then 14th and then 18th of May, now i have second last on 25th and last on 2nd June! the nice part is that we all friends study on fone for the exam othrwise we USED study together (in person) but now we dont beacause of untimely errors in my life.

I have given my dog "Lucky" in adoption to a person who's in Police, I HAD to GIVE away my dog because from past many months my Pesky neighbors were making it a big issue that it is causing nuisance in the neighborhood! It was the toughest decision that I had to take because Lucky was and is My dog.. so i had to suppress my love for it and think about the damn neighborhood. I gave away Lucky on 9th of May - two days before my final exams commenced.

The policeman is keeping our Lucky-dog for his own liking, but few days back i got to know that while Lucky was roaming in the yard it escaped from the gate to the main road and got lost! yes It was a terrrible news which I heard on the 13th of May ( a day before my second exam) and I lost all my concentration from studies as i was too sacred to think what would have happened to my lovely dog! 

God held it and guided it back to the place  where this policeman is taking care of him! Lucky returned after two days... and my father went to see it... he said, he's terribly weak and dirty. the worst thing is that it was not liking the police man and  didn't  want to be with him... with many prayers, I heard my dad talking to my mom that now Lucky is trying to adjust with him... 

the worst is what I got know today : Lucky got hold of the arm and bit that Policeman! 

you can laugh here.... as I too, when heard  could not stop laughing... Oh God what are you doing.?..

'Lucky has again escaped from the Policeman's clutches' ( I think) will he return or not? the policeman is a very humble man, i dont know what's wrong, who's wrong and where is the wrong?

Crossed fingers for a better time to come!

 I'm very optimistic and I know that God wants me to learn something....and I'm ready to learn a lesson.. the ONLY problem is that.......... I don't know what to learn? 

Urgent : Blessings required for Lucky and Me! keeping my fingers Crossed!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Too eager to know...

"What lies ahead?"

I have started enjoying the worst days of my life as I cant do anything more than that specially when I'm becoming the victim of circumstances again and again. When i'm being targeted to "take the test of Patience.."

A few days before things started changing in a better direction and i can say it was all fine and with a fresh start I thought that I will give my final Law exams and will bid adieu to my dear Faculty of law and my beautiful University. as this is the Final X semester of my 5 year law graduation and at last i can be a graduate!It was a time for which I eagerly waited to know that what will happen after this?

A normal 22 year old (gurl) will definitely relate such period with the feeling of butterflies in stomach... isn't it?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Heartfelt sorry

A heartfelt sorry

Dear fellow bloggers, im sorry.... i deleted my previous 50 posts on this  blog...i couldnt read your posts or write my own i never felt to do anything... i was silent.... i was upset.. extremely upset..

i went through an upheaval of emotions lately through the months of February and March. God provided me strength in that time and yes, it were  your blessings, dear friends, that I could actually lift myself up from the ashes exactly like a phoenix.

Some extreme bad phases mostly change your personality.. some extremely horrendous realities shake you to the core. thankfully im alright now.. i have collected myself up.. i have gathered my soul and tied it with my heart again... i can say now that im returning to my normal self.. i have almost recovered from the pain of emotional turmoil.

it happened with me...
I kept walking on the sand and saw my footprints... together with God's footsteps each time when i turned my back..... i saw them right behind on the sand..i always felt very good.. . but when the worst and abhorrent happened. i kept walking.thinking that God was with me.. but no....  when i turned my back .. i saw only a pair of foot prints.... i kept walking and walking.. i knew i was alone now.. god wasn't with me.. but now I KNOW GOD HELD ME IN HIS HANDS WHILE HE WALKED.. IT WAS HIS FOOT PRINTS... he held me in his hands.. im BLESSED I know this now..

GOD has taken me out of that tornado.. im very glad..your blessings have prayed a very big role in my life.. keep praying .
you guys rock..

im sorry again for not being in touch..i wil be now..for sure
May God bless us All..

I will update you guys soon ..


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