Thursday, October 13, 2011

Im a GOOGLE Addict !

In this world there are so many addictions. Some people find themselves addicted to chocolates or ice creams, Others are addicted to those things that make them high, give them the feeling of overcoming their inhibitions and they become addcited to drugs.

Some guys are addicted to technology, the newer the better. Girls are addicted to Shopping.

My sister is addicted to cosmetics. Once a cosmetic company of her choice launches their new eye make/lipstick/gloss/blusher/nail paints etc. my sister grabs it all. It appears that she sometimes earn only to spend it on Lakme, Oriflame, Avon, Elle, Maybelline and Revlon. ( I hope my sis never reads it.. ooops)

Coming on my self analysis. Im addicted to nothing but one thing in particular and that is The very useful search engine which I reckon is the best.☺

I think Google is something that I want everywhere to be with me. when Im working or not working, when Im in office or at home, when I am cooking a meal or painting. I need Google to be opened in my Phone or in my competent browser :) but ultimately I want myself to be surrounded with google search bar Always.

In my office, my colleagues even call me Google Naqvee instead of Gulshan Naqvee (Naqvee being my last name). My initials actually make it clear how much I love Google.
My tagline is like this :
If there's a question there's an answer and the same you can find in Google. Simple.

Reason for addiction :

Human mind is full of questions and mine is no exception but what I need is a constant boost of answers. Things that strike my imagination or questions that  pop in my mind needs an immediate answer which can not be done unless you are with someone who is equal to the search engine Google.


How Google saved me from ridicule:

I remember I was in my first office last year and my boss asked me some weird section of some legal enactment
She asked me to show how little I know.

Since I was sitting in her chamber, I got out and headed straight to the restroom. I opened my web browser on fone and googled that provision. pat came the answer with some distimctive case laws supporting the provision.

I went back to my mam's chamber, sat satisfied and asked "Sorry, which law were you talking about?" She said with a raised eye brow " I was talking ABOUT Special Economic Zones Act"

I said.."ohh the 2005 one? The one with blah blah provisions" She thought I was one confused lass.. But I just laughed..heheh... and the provision And case laws.. I discussed all that left her Tight Lipped. LOL


At times, when I am alone and sad instead of sharing my sorrows with others I google the words "how to overcome sorrow" and pat comes the website urls with topics like "20 ways to beat the sadness" or "Faith to overcome sorrow and suffering"

when I think about sprituality and then think why faith/religion matters in a person's life then I google my question and see how the world answers about it.
Since my relationship with my fiance has turned into a long distance relationship from past 3 years I face difficulty in managing it. So i google to boost my confidence that can Long distnace relationships survive without problems. and people from around the world exhibit themselves with their own stories and articles.

♥ for me, a new window to the whole world is opened when I google something, from space to sea bed, From mountains to moss Anything that crosses my mind I can see it though Google's assistance. It is not so that other search engines are not good with me.. But Google is just like me, fast.  

There are just so many things that I do, search for games, free music, recipe books, easy meals, cleaning articles, grooming and technology blah blah and my subjects and free copies of legal Acts.

Google is one stop for me. And im Addicted to it without any dangerous side effect. But when my eyes itch after spending too much time staring the computer screen or fone...




  1. hi naqvee, just wanted to say that your posts always keep me thoroughly entertained.

    your style of writing is really brilliant and unique.
    i think nowadays many people are addicted to digital world and technologies. it's part of our life/ world. i love browsing, too, and i have a feeling i will browsing through your blog for the rest of the morning.

    keep up the beautiful work!

    big hugs!
    betty xx

  2. So funny. I Love google as well. I wouldn't say addicted but definitely admire it. I love how they always know what you 'mean' even if you misspell something. The smartest search engine ever.

  3. Naqvee, your post are always so delightful. I think I am also addicted to Google. Whenever a questions pops into my head I have to visit Google to look up the answer. I do love the internet and all the information that is available at our finger tips.

  4. Oh Naqvee, you are too funny! I was laughing throughout your entire post, so I had to share it with my husband. We laughed together, because we KNOW what you are talking about! We always marvel at all the knowledge we can get through Google, and how much easier life is now that we don't have to run to the library every time we want to look something up--we have our own library at the hands of Google! I am like you--I LOVE to look things up and find the answers for things. When my son asks some strange question, I don't have to say, "I don't know." We simply Google it together and right away we have an answer. It shows him that learning is fun!

    My husband and I laughed so hard at the thought of you Googling "itchy eyes!"

    Take care, my friend, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend of Googling!

    P.S. I did not know your last name was Naqvee, I thought Naqvee was your first name!

  5. i love google too, it's fun always to find some answers to our questions, actually, even when i make travel planning, i use google :) and that was very google smart of you to outwit your boss, good you had time to google :) have a good weekend naqvee

  6. We DO have so many questions. And who better to answer the many different types of inquiries.

    Love it, my Google Addicted friend. :)

  7. Google is my home page @ work. I love it too! Hey, thanks for your commentlove in my blog. Sometimes i drop by here without leaving my mark. I love reading your articles. ~ cher of sweet memoirs,commenting fr my mobile phone ;)

  8. I do love google, too! The story with your boss is hilarious!
    We often say, "google it!" for so many things. Isn't it marvelous?!!

    Splendid Little Stars

  9. This was a joy to read! I totally get that addiction. I have so many questions too. Isn't it great that we can google for answers so easily in today's world? This addiction can lead to great things I bet. Fun post!

  10. Google is the best, isn't it! I totally understand where you are coming someone said above - I'm always telling someone to "google it". Also wanted to stop by and say thank you for your kind words regarding my blog/writing....I really struggle in trying to speak my heart...Thank you for your encouragement!

  11. Google knows all... or darned near close to it. I've relied on it for about 8 years now. This was a very entertaining post. :)

  12. Hard to imagine a world without Google.

    God bless and have a great weekend :-)

  13. Thank you all for liking my post. \m/ its a delight to know that my addiction is soo non-dangerous!

  14. You really made me smile!! Your addiction is healthy which is really good plus it is very educational! good for you!!! :D

  15. I can relate to your Google addiction! It is one of the most useful tools on the internet.


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