Saturday, October 8, 2011

Keeping up the spirit

hi all..

my heart melts and reaches out to such people who are battling with their life while gifting away their talent to the world.  I feel so small in front of them and so untalented. They have dealt so much with life and they are continuing with it every day.

Recently my sis got a packet of greeting cards and small best wishes cards on which some very b'ful paintings were made. I asked the reason for getting the whole lot and she said "look at the backside of the card" when I turned over I saw a small symbol of two people holding their art brushes in their mouth and between their toes :( 

They paintings and artists are promoted by an org called Indian Mouth and Foot Painting Artists, by engaging highly talented Indian mouth and foot painting artists.

All the artists either draw/paint by holding the art brushes in their mouths or between their toes since they have their limbs amputed due to certain reason or the spine has been completed got bad while other artists were born this way.

Look at them and see if you can purchase their art,greeting cards,bookmarks,calenders,shoopy bags,tees etc. EVEN if u dont purchse anything, still just appreciate it and we all can learn a lesson together as to how to battle with this thing called LIFE.

They paint amazing .. plz have a look. Click here : Indian Mouth and Foot Painting Artists ,

You can also Read the small bio's of every artsist, a story on how they lost all and also earned it back !



  1. Wow - that is amazing and inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes, we get those here every Christmas and they are truly amazing artists.

  3. I have seen this organization before, and they are very talented and quite amazing.

  4. it's very inspiring to know Navqee, thanks for sharing this, will look it up. Truly, we may have limitations but God gifted us with so much to conquer these limitations and find a way to produce.

  5. wow. its amazing that you all know about it already and im glad that you find them inspiring. It changed my way of thinking MANIFOLD.

  6. Bonjour!
    Thanks for your kind visit and comment in my WE LOVE LUNA blog!Your blogs are wonderful and you are a talented writer!Congratulations!
    purrs and love
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA and hugs from mammy Léia

  7. Sounds like a wonderful organization.


  8. sounds like an amazing organization!
    thanks for sharing!!

    betty xx

  9. Thank you so much for liking this org. Its so inspiring.

    Do good Get good


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