Saturday, October 8, 2011

IS Quitting a job an easy thing?

Since this Monday I have been performing quite poor in terms of my job ! At times, I feel like I really should not do any WORK at all as working in office is against the NATURAL LAW. But then living and enjoying life in better quality is not so freaking against the NATURAL LAW. 

Why I feel I should quit working is bcoz I sometimes hit the downs from ' the ups and downs of life' and I become sad and think that someone better than me should sit on my chair. 

But then I re-think what are my chances out there if i quit my present job of a legal editor.

then these jobs come to my mind lets analyse if i can do them.

1)  I can be a Painter : You have seen my art work already but for those who haven't its "here" So, do u think I can exhibit them and earn some bucks if not fame. :) but painting needs INSPIRATION and trust me I get hardly inspired more than twice in a month. 

2) I can be a Macaroni specialist:  These days everyone has to master something in the cooking field also. I think if I take a kiosk on lease in a mall and cook my type of macaroni I can earn bucks if not appreciation since I will serve it for dirt cheap price. :D but i think i wont be able to stand the disgusting look of not liking my food on theor faces.

3) I can be a clerk: Working in the office also helps you learn clerk skills. I can be that and its pretty easy also but it pays you almost nothing as compared to the present remuneration.

4) I can be writer : I love writing. I will write stories for kids and teens.I am good with vampire knowledge also hence, I can re-model the period vampires with a twist. ;) but i know..

5) A FulltimeTutor: Actually I teach as well (at home) so a full time tutor is a good job but it will end up with a headache since kids ask a lot then my answering power

6) ... a paid blogger?


the ultimate question is why should I quit?I compeletly love my job reading and writing about law is my passion. Can one bad phase really defeat my passion?

Moreover, why think about quitting as I wont end up with a better opportunity of self learning.

 All the aforesaid professions need time, energy and inspiration. I can be a macaroni specialist for my guests, painter for my wall, story writer for my future kids, a tutor for my own thirst of re-learning the education, a clerk for my sister's office and a blogger for you..

But for my personal satiety I am sure my present job is customized for me. 
Therefore, I must swim a little more deep to understand why Im hitting the lows and how to rise back to the surface again.

Yes.. Quitting a job is easy but it is difficult to understand what made you quit?

I have understood it now.. so no more thoughts 'bout quitting.

I took this pic when my Dahlia was blooming.
I have a a green thumb so fit
for the post of gardener :))


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