Thursday, March 16, 2017

The woman called ->Hello


How strange is the word 'hello'? It can be a cheerful greeting or can be a question as Hello? 
But whatever it is, my experience starts from a Hello, a gentle and kind hello. 

This fellow lady standing in a plant shop gathers my attention. She was carrying so many flowers, flower pots and pot soil that I wondered where will she arrange all of them??

I kept looking for some flowers and seeds for our flower bed, but whenever I picked up a seed or plant pot and kept it back, I noticed that lady picked it up after me as if to buy it. But, she will put it back after frowning upon it.

This kept happening for another 10-15 minutes and I felt as if she was tailing on my choice but maybe I was finding some fault in them so that's why I was not buying them. She too, I felt, tried to look up and find some sort of trouble and put them back right away!

I got amused and as soon as she looked up at me, we exchanged "Hello".

But what got me, was that she didn't smile, she was just plain blank. For a second or two, I felt strange and that woman, left all the flowers, seeds and whatever she had in her trolley, I am repeating, she left everything and darted out of the shop in a hurry, as if she saw a ghost talk!!

I am still amused.


  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by to say hello on my blog. That is an interesting concept on the "Hello". You never know what people are thinking and what the true meaning is behind their eyes do you? I could picture this entire scene in my head as if living it through your eyes - such a neat post. Thanks for sharing! :)


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