Thursday, August 18, 2011

Invitation to Social sites.THANKS BUT NO THANKS

Recently I read an article in one of those Sunday newspaper Mags which talked about "Spending too much time on Social Networking Sites works like an addiction and can cause huge increase in stress levels"

Let me clear the air here:

One may think that I may be a backward in techie zone but this isn't true although I have never been a huge fan of any of So-called- Social Networking sites ! I have never been connected to anyone through FaceBook/Twitter/Orkut ect.

Few Years back, when Orkut was on height My sister also was on Orkut but I never had an independent page for my own friends since I believed that people whom I met in class rooms really didnt need to hover as clouds on ME all the time even when I am outside the class.. Being with friends during the half of the day and then spending the other half on any networking website and THAT AGAIN WITH THEM was kind of wastage of time for me.

Seriously.. Then I found a good reason to stay away ! I saw some of my good cousins getting jealous with my sis's b'ful snaps spread all over her Orkut profile. And since they shared mean comments every time my sis dropped a new snap over her profile...  NO doubt you've option to block people away... but why we should block our own family members? We thought it proper to shut down My sis's Orkut Profile as my sis always felt bad after reading them! THE END.

A Year back... I thought about peeping in other's life on Facebook of course knowing those whom I KNOW.. But suddenly my classmates / Friends of Friends and all those Facebook strangers out there  whom I have never spoken in the class or even in my life, came over sending me umpteenth friend requests all the time. I felt almost outrageous every time I used to ignore those Friend requests. However, the best part was somewhere here... Facebook doesn't properly protect your identity and snaps and  (thats a debate ongoing over that) and moreover those games and thousand application requests never let you keep your nerves calm. So a good bye bye from there I said..

The worst about these social network'g sites... you have an option to comment and then re-comment and re - re- comment and then You start into some one's leg pulling or end up in a heated argument.

One thing I think these sites are giving way to.. A generation is born where every one is SELF OBSESSED !
On orkut and Facebook you have an option giving you a chance as TO SAY what's up with you!  STATUS UPDATE !!!

close friends will comment: WOW.. KEEP IT UP'/WHATS COOKING/ I WANT TO EAT AS WELL

gimme a break!

what was so nice to talk about in there to comment on or even like it? A generation talking complete non-sense ! can you believe this?

Twitter is about CELEBRITY NON-SENSE : 140 words of pure crap

Movie stars updating their Status:

Drinking Coffee :)

and on this crap update they get 24 RE-TWEETS "WOW/ENJOY/LUV U"

More here :

“On the way to shoot'g a new movie in my new Merc”

100 fans re-tweeting as "I love you XYZ, Im your biggest FAN"

So... whatever this generation in doing after every 15 minutes they update their status.

Hence my status update on BLOGGER :  

BLOgging is BEtter.

ALAS ! No one “likes” it    :(

Here are my personal views on these sites... pictures are drawn/written/made by me! 




  1. Hello Naqvee:
    You raise some very interesting points here and we are totally with you regarding social networking sites. They are open to abuse at worst and to gross msinterpretation at best, either way we have never felt them to be a satisfactory method of communication. How much better to meet in person rather than on a web page. We agree!!

  2. We can easily get drifted and follow the crowd in facebook or whatever similar. I have an account, but seldom lgoin.

    I agree with you, it is more towards time wasting, and at the same time, people who you know and do not know knows all your activities.

  3. I'm not a fan of Facebook and others either. I'm quite happy blogging what I opt to share photographically. My relatives are not interested in my blog and generally don't read it which is fine by me because I'm not interested in hearing their weather and tough workday reports on Facebook. It all works out. ;)

  4. Hi Naqvee, I have to agree with you on all points about Facebook and Twitter. There are many people who waste their lives on social networking sites. I do have FB and Twitter accounts but I rarely use either and when I do it's primarily to promote my blog.

    Blogger is better!

  5. I agree with your points and concerns! Too many people are using it to blare out their activities.

    I have FB and Twitter, but use them mainly for promoting my blogs. Glad you found me :-)

  6. I am 100% with you about social networking, truth is, Facebook is very much my stressor, but sadly, I am so addicted I can't get out. Sometimes, I fear I am self-obsessed as well, and Facebook allows me to answer that craving thus I caved in! I as much as possible wanted to do less Facebook since it takes away from my blog. I was there upon encouragement of friends before that I can use it as a tool to promote my blog, but sadly, 95% of people there don't have time to even read what you have to say but they have so much time for non-sense, like what you said, "please send me some". Sadly, I think I have become somehow my self-enemy now because of FB because I am learning so much I am capable of being such which I loathed before :( I know...I know....I need help regarding how to stop FB or at least control my activity there and give my free time to blogging which is actually more purposeful, for me anyway. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it feels good to know someone else shares my thoughts on social networking as well.

  7. Many of my favorite family members live too far away for me to visit face to face regularly. I am very grateful to be able to keep in touch and share news and photos through Facebook.

  8. Its true that all social networking sites are made with a view in mind that people can contact/find and speak to not seen regularly/distant kins/friends, however not every one understands basic motive of such sites. How come a 14 year teen living in New York will know the use of such sites and think about being in Touch with some aunt or uncle or even her dad living in Calif. or any distant place. I guess 25% people might be using these sites as in utility other 75% share complete non-sense/play games/tag you in photos that are meaningless and UPDATE THEi STATUS AFTER 15 MINUTES. HAHAHA. Thankfully my all blogging friends share my view. If anyone
    update his/her status before and after visiting a friend's place or movie or date or talks about nothing but weather.. then that means Something's wrong going with the personality of the person.. self obsession is a disorder that these sites are promoting and teens are the worst affected.

  9. This was one of my favorite posts of your blog. I so couldn't agree more. Love your last two statements.

  10. I always knew I loved something about you Naqvee; I love the way you think, I will never understand why people think anyone cares about the nonsense they have to say on face book or twitter for that matter. Even more ridiculous are the numerous followers some of theses nitwit celebrities have. It makes you wonder the world is coming too:)

  11. hi Navqee, I wrote something about my Facebook addiction here
    like what I mentioned in my earlier comment, I struggle with my FB use.

  12. Hi Naqvee. It's been ages since my last visit. Thanks for dropping by my blog to say hello.

    I totally agree with you. I have a facebook and twitter account but I usually use them to promote my site and share my photos. I don't just jump and accept friend requests. Sometimes I feel so bad for not accepting their requests. I have created my facebook account mainly for family and close friends to see my photos especially for those doesn't know my blogs.


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