Sunday, February 6, 2011

LoVe SToRy

Have you ever given a thought on your own Love Story ever? How you found that Mr. Imperfect and how gained confidence after showing "him" that you were always right since the beginning !!!

In recent times I found two captivating romances.. I refer them to all those, who think they can manage reading tragic love stories. Because with tears in eyes only few people can read.

Thomas Hardy a King of Romance..  Far From the Madding Crowd.. is one novel I think I will never forget.. it connects to every girl in some way or the other. you may hate the heroine in the beginning but you love everyone's character at the end.. you will feel for them..  three heroes of different styles and outlooks... heroin's vanity dominates her character ...tragic turn..... happy ending...

While I was coming back from work I found a bookseller on the road, selling  new books for dirt cheap prices.

I bought this... "LOVE STORY" a 1970's rich versus poor tale... a love marriage.. a struggle afterwords.. incurable disease..untimely death...tragedy

This is all Eric Segal could write way back 30 years.. but this is what remains as the reality still now....

Romantic tragedies..who is fortunate.. who loved and lost or who loved and retained... OR who simply loves

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  1. I love reading Thomas Hardy. Both great selections. Love is a complicated but compelling subject for authors and readers alike. Have a wonderful week!!


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