Saturday, November 20, 2010


I  just couldn't find T-I-M-E to do this activity which is my beloved but could.t find enough time to remain active in it. Wrote tens of posts but saved them in drafts, those posts  laid there for weeks and eventually I had to delete them as they held no significance after another week. 

Nostalgia at last couldn't keep me away from here for long and I was making a vague promise to myself in the day, as whatever happens I wont take a holiday (from here) for so long! Its N-I-G-H-T in here now.I reckon I will be able to keep it up.. (whistling)

The days and      nights (also) have been going on tough,  I think they are flying away somewhere ! I wake up at 7am and throw myself  on bed at 12am at max. I reach my firm at 9:45 am and come back at  7 pm or sometimes later than that. I work on Saturdays as well and I S-L-EEE-P on Sundays. I meet my friends  but only on Sundays unlike daily ! Am I moaning ? Naah.. Just an averment.

But yes.. somewhere a hidden whining can be sensed.. I daily cross my b'ful and  spectacular university campus on my way to my new life I'm adjusting to the view of my "second-home" from outside and resisting my temptation to enter it. I can't even find a second to just touch that bark of tree which embraces the gate, I want to enter  it and RE-LIVE that playfulness and freedom that place is synonymous to. The air is so sweet and fresh there.. it rejuvenates the soul in its entirety.  The years I spent there are inexplicable .. the moments with my friends are now in sepia form of memory .. the photos ever  taken there in my campus amounts to a huge number.. preserved carefully in my phone.

whenever I'm thinking deeply over a matter and find myself stuck in whirlpool of thoughts, not finding a way to get out from there.. I always take a break .. slide open my phone and shuffle the best days I have spent in my university campus. I feel good but I feel blessed that I got an opportunity to move ahead. 

My new life is  fun.. very fun actually! A feeling to prove and improve myself wins over nostalgia.
 but I think this feeling will remain with me for a while or may be for a lifetime.. as I have recently taken a flight from my nest!

"Learning the law is definitely a difficult thing but the most existing day is Monday here"


  1. Nostalgia can be comforting, especially during times of stress. I'm so happy that you're energized and excited about this new phase of your life. You have so many amazing things ahead for you!

  2. i was feeling nostalgic for your posts. And then I saw you in my blog roll! :)


  3. You will always remember all those good and not so good times on your university campus!
    Glad to know you are enjoying this new part of your life!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Are you mr. Shahnaz`s daughter? and Gulshan`s sister?

  5. Hi.. yes im Mr. Shahnaz's daughter and I am Gulshan. how are you? plz plz plz tell me how u find me. plz plz. waiting eagerly. give your contact information urgently.

    Regards Gulshan Naqvee

  6. Yes, time does seem to just flying by around us. I wake up at 6 in the morning, and going to bed at 9..The day is just too short some times..

  7. Time does seem to fly away and vanish quickly, I can never find enough hours in the day to do everything I would like to do.

    I am glad to hear you are enjoying your new life.

  8. Hi, Yes, time seems to slip by so quickly. Learning Law sounds fascinating!


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