Wednesday, June 16, 2010

These are

My Days and Nights

I can not lie and say that I am not enjoying my solace these days.. in fact i am loner by heart so I enjoy being lonely and  there are certain things which at times take my mind out to the unnatural openings and shake me to the core when I realize they can never be The Truth.

These days I keep myself busy with one and only Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga and I'm about to finish my Book no.2 by tomorrow morning, which is New Moon. Half of the time when I'm not reading it, then I'm reading about the cast and crew and places where the movie has been shot. 

The twilight saga actually ate me to the core and I must not deny I have always loved imagination and my prior love award has been fetched by  J.K.Rowling for her opera hat writing and imagining outstanding characters out of nowhere. That's a real talent. 

Actually when I was taking my final exams I was told by a pal's sister that the New Moon movie was a "must watch" in HER list. So she kept telling me the story on the way to home (as a thing she love most... a full movie synopsis and later her personalized viewer comments ) I was actually taken by her way of discussing that Vampire movie and I was so much engrossed that I decided to buy see it. Consequently, rented a DVD and played it on the computer. By chance there was a mistake.. I got hold of the New Moon movie and she told me the story starting from TWILIGHT - to- NEW MOON. 

Obviously a person seeing the 6th Harry Potter movie for the first time won't get what the Potter boy was up to and what the hell VOLDMORT IS or was, whatever ?  It's a series and has to be studied  seen in a series. From Book 1 always... to grab the actual taste of the Novel...alright.

I somehow, recollected what all she uttered and muttered on the way and then enjoyed  reading watching the novel !  Anyways when the movie got over, I wanted to see the first part and second again  searched on internet for free TWILIGHT MOVIE OR e-book download. 

After a lot of research struggle, I got it { the book I mean} on one website which was being distributed for  educational purposes.. I THOUGHT which teacher doesn't want its student to know when the students  come across a GOLDEN eyed Guy or Girl they must not forget its HUMAN friendly Vampire and should not forget they are not dangerous! 

hmm.. next day I saw the first part and then the second as well.. and how I wished that all this was true. Silly.  

Of course, the vampire's making news everywhere, and the Brit lad really played his part well, not well but exceptionally well.. But i was little depressed with  the very normal Kristen Stewart. I hope she brushes up her "mumbling word problem" in the next movie.. and if not next then next to next ..  i wonder after twilight saga is brought up in the motion series will i ever care to watch the female actor so breezily as i now do! Hmm... if her mumbling problem is solved by then.. then why not?

Sope.. This is all I care about these days and nights.. from past two nights I am looking like a vampire... more... as my dad says "late hours" and switches off the lights pushing us to the another room.. and there too he keeps peeping whether  me and my insomniac sister have slept or not?

actually, its a NO.. because me engrossed in my vampy land and My sister R  in her  un romantic novels have built-in torch in our mobile fones.. and we switch them ON as soon as the lights goes OFF .. heehee.. and read two to three chapters each  night till i think i can't make it anymore .. each chapter consisting of not less than 10 pages. 

well when i wake up at 4 am in the morning for my morning prayers "Namaz" I see my sisters still reading her  un romantic novel.. no idea how she manages it.. and she thinks the SAME for me.. I reckon.. ☺

Anyways.. this is hard at times to think and know and say that Vampires don't exist .. yes yes yes they are a bad species.. but what if they existed and by chance i get to meet them?



  1. I enjoyed your post, Naqvee.
    So, do you believe in Vampires? I don't. LOL!
    B xx

  2. NAqveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i love twilight stuff.. man its crazy .. its amazing everything about this deadly vampire !! you find yourself lucky to be a loner? that sound so much like me! LOL

  3. yeah indeed i thik we all love one thing in twilight and that is bloody common!!!



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