Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Lately, I asked my mum why we left going to the Cheshire homes which we used to visit when we were small and the blind schools to encourage the blind children while they struggled with their life? I asked more, as to why we don't anymore go to the old age homes and orphanages to serve?

My mum replied, " whatever we as parents wanted to inculcate in you and teach you, I think you have learnt it, it's time now, you have realized why we used to visit  those places !"

I was a little confused, I asked a simple question, why we don't go anymore there? and she answered me in circles. 

She then added, "We used to go to those places, because we wanted you to be a person who is tender and can thank God that you have got a chance to serve the humanity, isn't this philosophical?"

She continued,"We used to go together, but after a while, we thought that Now, it's time for you to think and decide, do you want to go or not? That you must continue to visit these places and feel heavenly satisfaction or you should go to places that are entertaining and not boring !" 

I laughed..

My question made her think .. I am grown up now and want to continue with visits to these homes and organizations where old, weak, retarded and helpless people stay.  

I laughed..


Because my question was why "we" have ceased to go there (together) as I miss my family when I am serving the humanity since long they have ceased to go with me.

I just asked why we don't go together? She took me as If I asked why we are not doing any work voluntarily?


I went to my university to get some documents, On the way of my faculty of Law, Jamia Millia Islamia I found so many old tree-pals asking me how was I doing.. I told them plain..  Ecstatic. They posed for me straightaway..when I flashed my 3.2 Mpx (only) Sony Ericsson W705 out of my pocket...  here are the beauties : 

The branch of Gold

So the Yellowness stole the show


Making its own way in the air of freedom

Head strong aiming High

Hopelessness is a sin

Prosperity amidst dust

A home to many Birds

In unity we stand .. In division we are stronger as well..

My old Uncle "Mr. Jungle" This path is new..I never saw it ! Way to the Faculty

The golden light scattered everywhere.. the reflection of sun !

I am becoming a  Tree-lover to the core.. the stillness fascinates me.. Like everyone says.. still is dead... but for me.. a hidden life is beneath that stillness.. ultra dynamic and evolutionary.



  1. It is pawesome to see the beauty behind simple things, right?
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  2. I love that you still go and give your time to those that need you. And I'm sure if you asked your family to go with you, they would. But your mother and father were very wise to instill that sense of service in you. :)
    Beautiful pictures! I love trees too. :)

  3. You are a beautiful soul :) You heart is so giving. Love the pictures. Gorgeous!

  4. Hi -

    Lovely photos - thank you for sharing.


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