Thursday, September 29, 2011


I read this short story on a site;

What is a FAMILY? A kid from a broken family replied : Father and Mother I love you.

I actually took a couple of minutes to realise what does Family actually mean to me.

And then I found the answer. Its my Father and two mothers my real sister and my half brother who actually spent a lot of time pampering me with the world's not so very best things but they gave me the years of full enjoyment.

My father has spent his more than half life living with my mom, and bringing up my sister along with ME.
My step mom and her two kids [my half bro and his sis (now no more, may her soul RIP)] lived with her in another state where she worked  as lecturer in a State College.

In India a man having two wives is still considered a taboo however, we never felt the same. Maybe God wanted us to be this way and we accepted. Laughter was all I can still remember echoing in my ears.

When my step mom used to visit us along with her kids in summer vacations then that was really called vacation.
We used to talk about the childhood of our three parents, how they spent it, their friends and how much allowance they used to get when they were kids. I know they lied all the time when they said they never got one.  :{

We used to hear about Their ghost encounters. Witches.. and we used to shiver after hearing all that.. We also loved the repeated tales of Our late Grandpa who was a Police Chief under the Brtish Raj (Rule) and many more bravery items.
They used to share their parts of history and many more fun stuff which was heard by all of us with so much enthusiasm countlessly and timlessly.

Family also means to me the bigger dominant family to which my dad belongs to: 7 brothers and 3 sisters.

Our summer vacations' fun used to double up when our uncles and aunts with their kids used to visit us in some surprising week of that decade of 1990's. Ohh.. that was then we kids went berserk and gosh we all were plain skinny types. Now i know why, we used to stay so excited that we even didnt care to sleep at night and kept talking and talking the whole night. No eating properly just having fun, singing songs of then movies and talking about movie stars. Every kid had its own fav. movie star then.

Family means socialization of a child, I learnt self respect and self dignity rather then having ego. I learnt laughing and sharing rather then sulking and being jealous.

 My family gave me a positive outlook towards life which usually a child from broken family cannot get.

My family binds me and I am also like a running thread binding every member of the family in a certain way.



  1. Happiness is simple.

    So is Family.

    As long as we treat both very simple.

  2. A family is a place to call home, and everyone in it loves and accepts everyone else. I have friends that I consider family as well as pets!

  3. A very thoughtful post, my friend. Family defines us in many ways. We treasure the good and work through the tough times. It is comforting to know that our family is always here for us. Hope you are doing well :) - Kelly

  4. loving your thoughts on family Navqee, indeed, family is our support group, giving us utmost happiness and simple joys even when sometimes life gets complicated, our family teaches us relationship on how we treat well others and everything around us. i love my family too, some i consider part of family are actually friends who have been kind of part of our family.

  5. What a sentimental post. I have crazy mixed up family as well. I am the only child from my parents but have a half sister from my mom's second marriage and a half brother from my dad's second marriage. The two (a year apart) have not blood relation to each other.
    Majority of my family is in my home country but we have formed a group here as well. All the ex's and current spouses get together without any issues and we create this huge family now. I couldn't imagine a world without my family's love and support. It is the most sacred thing in my life.

  6. Beautiful thoughts on family Navqee. Love your post :)

  7. Really beautiful and oh so true. I also love the glimpse into your life.


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